Pals Who Needed a Redo of Their Day

Ever you ever had a terrible day that could not get any worse? These pals did, and they needed a redo of their day.

Pals go through difficult situations that you would not even think of. Well… Our friends here did; they wish they had a redo of their day.

Viral Strange has collected 17 pics of pals who needed a redo of their day.

1. Welp, it looks like today is my lucky day.

© amaurer3210 / Reddit

2. My boss is going to kill me…

© captainhendrix / Reddit

3. Got stung in the eye at 2 am while asleep by probably one of the last wasps of the season.

© theoneandonlyecon / Reddit

4. My wife cut my hair.

© grynch55 / Reddit

5. Drove three hours to go to the Grand Canyon

© Hey_Its_Me_23_ / Reddit

6. Nearly scared me to death when it dropped on my head!

© Beardcrumb / Imgur

7. Lost my keys. Drove my husband’s car to work. Mistake.

© HoaryP / Imgur

8. Fuck this tire in particular.

© EatsRSL / Reddit

9. Looks like someone put too much soap in the washing machine

© iB***edorange / Reddit

10. Your day probably wasn’t as bad as his…

© donutcop4**84 / Reddit

11. Melon beats knife

© IllLockstep / Reddit

12. It’s just a little ice, it’s fine.

© mikemike26 / Reddit

13. My best friend has incredible tan lines…

© MilesBedard / Imgur

14. I think they’re done

© Designer_Curve / Reddit

15. Did the dishes before leaving the house. Didn’t listen to my mom when she said “just buy more dishwasher pods, and don’t use dish soap in a pinch”

© WheresThePineapple_ / Reddit

16. Saw another tire post and it reminded me of my tire. How in the world did I lose a square?

© Commercial_Loquat_7 / Reddit

17. Tan lines are sexy, right?

© BobHopeLives / Imgur

Have you ever had a terrible day that could not get any worse? Tell us in the comments below.

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