Parents got her fired for rapping, teacher gets revenge! Films rap video with ther students

She faced the ultimatum of either removing her rap videos or forfeiting her teaching position.

A teacher, dismissed for her rap videos, has responded by collaborating on a new project with her former students.

Domonique Brown, also known as “Drippin Honey,” reportedly lost her position as a history teacher at a Detroit school after a parent raised concerns about her online rap content.

YouTube/ DrippinHoney

Now, in a bold act of retaliation, she has released ‘DRIPPIN 101,’ featuring many of her past students.

Taking it to Instagram, Brown shared her perspective: “Recently, I was forced to leave my position due to me being a Rapper. A single parent’s disapproval led to my dismissal.”

YouTube/ DrippinHoney

She continued, revealing the anonymous nature of the complaint and the subsequent pressure she faced to remove her content: “After months of contact, I’ve been dealing with this since I dropped ‘Drippin 101’… Meetings after meetings defending my involvement in the music industry. I was asked to erase all my content; that’s when I knew I HAVE TO BET ON MYSELF CUZ NOBODY WILL IF I DONT.”

Expressing her concern for her students, Brown emphasized: “What troubles me most about this situation is the lack of consideration for the impact and influence I have had on my students’ lives. My outside life should not be grounds for termination when it does not interfere with my ability to fulfill my responsibilities as a teacher. My dedication, professionalism, and passion for education have always been unwavering, regardless of any personal pursuits I may have.”

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