Nonbinary student, 16, dies in school bathroom after being severely beaten

Earlier this month, a teenager from Oklahoma tragically passed away following a severe beating in a school bathroom alongside another student, as reported.

Reports indicate that an Oklahoma teenager passed away earlier this month after enduring a severe beating alongside another student inside a school bathroom. Sophomore Dagny Benedict, 16, was involved in a fight at Owasso High School in suburban Tulsa on February 7, according to 2 News.

Benedict Family

The altercation, allegedly perpetrated by three older female students, lasted for an extended period until a school staffer intervened. Benedict, a straight-A student, and the other victim, who were both non-binary, faced relentless bullying at school.

Benedict Family

During the bathroom brawl, Benedict sustained injuries including bruising and cuts to her face after falling and hitting her head. Witnesses described the assailants as viciously attacking Benedict, preventing her from seeking immediate medical attention. Despite the severity of her injuries, school staff reportedly failed to call emergency services.

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Benedict’s family rushed her to the hospital after school, where she was released the same day but tragically readmitted and later succumbed to her injuries on February 8.

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