Patricia Kopta, Missing for 31 Years, Found Alive!

Patricia Kopta, missing for 31 years and declared dead, was found alive! A shocking tale of disappearance and rediscovery.

Patricia Kopta’s tale resembles a Hollywood plot. Last seen in June 1992, she resurfaced, rekindling hope and delivering an astonishing journey that sent shivers down our spines.

An astonishing revelation

Patricia Kopta
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Over 30 years ago, Kopta disappeared from Pittsburgh. Suffering from dementia, she was recently discovered in a Puerto Rican nursing home, where she has been residing since 1999.

Her location was traced by a concerned social worker, with confirmation of her identity as Patricia taking nearly a year through DNA testing.

Patricia Kopta had been grappling with mental well-being challenges.

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Upon her disappearance, Patricia left her husband Robert, whom she married in 1972, and her younger sister Gloria.

Now 86, Robert revealed that his wife battled mental health problems, and her behavior became increasingly erratic as the years went by. He said: “Something must have happened. Somebody got to her because she started on this whole the world is going to end thing.”

In addition, the husband mentioned that Patricia would often approach strangers, warning them that the world would end in three days and advising them to return home.

She was renowned for her youthful beauty.

Patricia Kopta
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Due to her petite stature, Patricia earned the nickname “The Sparrow” among locals. After a decade at a glass company, migraines fueled by stress led her to switch careers to become an elevator operator.

Described as having dark hair, green eyes, and a resemblance to an early 1960s airline stewardess, the young woman left a lasting impression, as her sister remembers: “She just loved the ocean, the beach, the warm sunshine.” Before encountering her husband Robert, young Patricia used to frequently vacation in Puerto Rico.

Patricia Kopta had vanished before on a prior occasion.

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The early 90s brought a downturn for Patricia as she was robbed of her engagement ring. Subsequently, she had multiple police encounters, leading to an eventual arrest.

Robert mentioned that his wife tended to vanish briefly. He observed, “I come home one night and she’s just gone, and nobody knows where she’s at.”

However, when she didn’t return home for almost 6 months, he submitted a missing person’s report and informed the police of her vanishing.

Her sister is eagerly anticipating a heartfelt hug.

Patricia Kopta
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Although Robert didn’t remarry, he has no intentions of reconnecting with Patricia. He openly expresses a desire to move on from the past, even though he acknowledges that her discovery brings a sense of relief to his mind.

Gloria, Patricia’s sister, has the desire to visit Puerto Rico to be with Patricia, as direct phone conversations are not possible due to Patricia’s dementia. Gloria pointed out that her sister’s condition makes it challenging to communicate via phone. She said: “Whether she knows me or not, I still want to see her and give her a hug and tell her I love her.”

Kopta had a twin sibling who unfortunately passed away, unaware of the fact that her counterpart remained in existence.

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