Walking Benefits You Didn’t Know

Not only a necessity to get things done. Walking benefits are more than that. The miracles it does to your health are enormous.

Walking benefits are enormous. According to Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal walking daily helps reduce the risk of all chronic diseases.

Walking has a positive impact on your health, without hurting your joints and bones. It eases the mind, too. However, these are not the only walking benefits you can get.

Viral Strange has listed 8 walking benefits that you might not know.

1. Walking regulates blood pressure.

Walking Benefits

The Korea Institute of Sport Science in Seoul performed a study that says that 40 mins of walking per day reduce blood pressure levels in people with hypertension. The doctors said that is everybody’s choice to get better results at this since 40 mins mean a drop of 5 points in blood pressure, and 4 separate sets of 10 mins mean a drop of 3 points.

2. It fights breast cancer in women

According to The American Cancer Society research, 7 hours of walking per week reduces the risk of breast cancer by 14% after menopause.

3. Walking reduces the risk of diabetes.

Walking Benefits

In 2012, a study was published, suggesting that walking 3,000-7,500 steps per day can prevent type 2 diabetes. Walking reduces blood sugar levels, which is why is advised to take breaks in between long hours of sitting.

4. Producing vitamin D is one of the benefits.

Scientists at the University of Western Ontario say that vitamin D insufficiency is connected with fractures and difficulty in walking. Walking 15-30 mins a day while there is sun helps produce vitamin D.

5. Walking also increases creativity.

Walking Benefits

Researchers at Stanford University say that walking indoors and outdoors boost creativity because the best ideas come up while walking.

6. It boosts the immune system.

The Appalachian State University‘s researchers in North Carolina said that a 30-45-minute walk daily boosts your immune system. It protects your body from common colds.

7. Fewer sugar cravings.

Walking Benefits

The University of Exeter conducted a study, published in the journal Appetite, that found that short walks can reduce the number of sugar cravings during stressful situations.

8. Walking keeps you from aging fast.


Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario said that walking and exercising keep the skin tighter and keep you from aging. Also, walking and Tai-Chai help avoid dementia.

Do you go for a walk daily? Have you gotten any benefit from it? Tell us in the comments.

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