Warm Water Vs. Cold Water: Which Damages Your Health

Discover the impact of warm water vs. cold water on your well-being. Unveil the truth about the effects on your health.

Warm water has benefits that can aid in combating dehydration. It helps alleviate constipation, joint pain, and digestive issues. With our bodies of 60% water, we should consume enough to prevent dehydration. However, let’s dive deeper and understand how it affects our bodies!

1. It cleanses your digestion

Warm Water
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Stella Metsovas, a clinical nutritionist and media health expert, explains that warm water aids digestion by breaking down food in the stomach and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Conversely, consuming it cold after a meal can solidify food, leading to fat deposits in the intestine.

2. Drinking warm water alleviates pain

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Healthline highlights the benefits of warm water in relieving cramps, as it enhances blood circulation to the skin and aids in muscle relaxation.

3. It stops premature aging

Warm Water
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According to Metsovas, it can combat toxins and slow down aging. It aids in skin cell repair, boosting elasticity. Women benefiting from their hormones find it particularly advantageous.

4. It decreases stress levels

Warm Water
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A recent study in Psychopharmacology reveals that its consumption can enhance the central nervous system, potentially reducing anxiety. The study further recommends pairing it with milk for added benefits.

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Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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