Popular K-Pop singer dead at 30 after collapsing at friend’s home

Renowned K-pop artist Park Boram has sadly departed at the young age of 30, as multiple sources have confirmed. Reports indicate that the singer’s demise occurred unexpectedly on Thursday, April 11, following an evening spent with friends, where alcohol was involved.

It was during this private gathering that Park suddenly collapsed and was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

According to accounts from several South Korean news outlets, including AllKPop, a police report detailed the events leading up to Park’s collapse. She had been at a friend’s residence with two companions when she excused herself to use the bathroom around 9:55 p.m.



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After an extended period of absence, one of her friends went to check on her and discovered her unconscious, leaning over the sink. Park’s friends immediately called emergency services and attempted to administer CPR until help arrived. Despite their efforts, Park was in cardiac arrest when found.

She was swiftly transported to Hanyang University Guri Hospital, where medical professionals worked tirelessly to revive her.


Tragically, she was pronounced dead at 11:17 p.m.In the wake of Park’s passing, her agency, Xanadu Entertainment, released a statement on April 12, expressing profound grief over the loss. The statement, reported by AllKPop, conveyed the sudden and heartbreaking news to her devoted fans, acknowledging the deep impact of her untimely departure.


An autopsy is anticipated to be conducted to ascertain the exact cause of her death, as her loved ones and fans mourn the loss of the talented star.

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