Popular OF Star Disowned by Her Family

A popular OF star faces family disownment as they discover her account. Explore the repercussions of her chosen profession.

A popular OF star experienced family disownment when her account was discovered by a relative, who then shared her pictures in the family’s group chat.

Kayla Jade, an Australian model, became a prominent figure on the adult content platform within a year, amassing a substantial following.


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Jade never explicitly disclosed her OnlyFans account, but it wasn’t a hidden secret either. However, as her popularity soared, a male relative in his forties subscribed to her content and proceeded to share her pictures within the family’s group chat, as confirmed by Kayla.

Jade took to TikTok to address the issue, condemning the relative’s actions as illegal. She further shared her family’s reaction upon learning about her career as an OnlyFans model.

Popular OF Star

She said: “I wasn’t gonna bother hiding it because I knew it would come out eventually. My goal was to be super successful so I wasn’t gonna bother trying to hide it from friends or family because I knew it was just gonna come out. As time went on I got bigger and bigger and people started seeing my stuff. Friends started seeing my stuff and eventually my family saw it. When my mum and sister found out they couldn’t even confront me about it, they had to ask my dad to call me about it.”

She revealed that her mother and sister avoided the topic, leaving her father to address it. To her surprise, he not only supported her but also refrained from discouraging her.

Popular OF Star

Unfortunately, not all of her family members reacted similarly. Shockingly, one relative betrayed her trust by leaking her pictures and sharing them with everyone in their group chat.

Upon discovering her status as a popular OF star, her family chose to disown her, severing all ties and expressing their intention to distance themselves completely.

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“He didn’t need to be so aggressive, he could have just told them,” she said in her TikTok video. “I then got a message from another family member, completely disowning me. They took me off every platform and didn’t speak to me for a year. I was hurt but glad to have that toxicity out of my life.”

She shared that she used to value others’ opinions before the family incident, but now she is utterly indifferent to them.


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“I was fuming, it’s just so violating, I trusted him, thought we had a good relationship,” she said.

She added: “I confronted him about it. He didn’t admit it, blamed it on other people, he couldn’t handle his actions. I think when people have nothing going on in their own lives, they just start drama.”

“The way people treat sex workers is disgusting,” Jade continued. “You think they would try and get us help not ruin our lives. No respect for privacy whatsoever, we’re just here earning and living, the last thing we need is people investigating our life.”

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