Scary/ Research: This is how remote workers will look like by 2100

Researchers have unveiled a thought-provoking model envisioning the appearance of individuals who predominantly work from home as we progress into the next century – and the portrayal isn’t exactly flattering.

Allow me to introduce Anna, a virtual creation meticulously crafted by the diligent minds at Furniture at Work, aiming to shed light on the potential physical and mental tolls of remote work by the year 2100.

In explicating Anna’s features, Furniture at Work elucidated that her representation encapsulates a myriad of physical ramifications stemming from prolonged and intensive technology utilization.

Furniture at Work

From incessant screen exposure to the habitual adoption of poor posture, Anna embodies the cumulative effects of these modern work practices. Furthermore, her visage serves as a poignant reminder of the potential mental health implications accompanying the remote work lifestyle.

The emergence of Anna as a symbol of the future workforce prompts introspection into the evolving nature of work environments and their impact on human well-being.

Furniture at Work

Through her depiction, we’re compelled to confront the multifaceted challenges posed by the increasingly digitized landscape of work, urging us to prioritize holistic approaches that safeguard both physical and mental health amidst the evolving paradigms of employment.

Written by Telha

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