Scientists found a massive solid metal ball at the center of the Earth

Australian seismologists made a groundbreaking discovery of a metal ball located at the core of the Earth.

In recent years, our comprehension of the Earth’s internal structure has undergone a profound evolution, challenging the simplistic model of four distinct layers—crust, mantle, liquid outer core, and solid inner core.


This paradigm shift underscores the ceaseless progression of scientific inquiry, where even established notions can be upended by new revelations. Enter the seismic sleuths from Australian National University, whose groundbreaking findings have ignited a fresh understanding of our planet’s enigmatic core.


Their research, led by Thanh-Son Phạm and Hrvoje Tkalčić, has unveiled a monumental discovery: a colossal, solid metallic sphere nestled deep within Earth’s depths, boasting an awe-inspiring thickness of 400 miles. Dubbed the ‘innermost inner core,’ this monumental structure challenges previous conceptions of Earth’s core composition.

Comprised primarily of iron-nickel alloy, this innermost inner core represents a hitherto unrecognized layer, confounding expectations and sparking a reevaluation of our understanding of Earth’s internal dynamics.


The journey to this revelation was anything but straightforward.

Earth’s core plays a pivotal role in sustaining life by generating a protective magnetic field that shields our planet from harmful cosmic radiation.

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