Shallow Intentions: 9 Signs He Only Wants Your Body

Discover 9 signs indicating shallow intentions when someone is solely interested in your physicality. Don’t settle for being objectified.

Shallow intentions prevail in the dating world. Many men view women as mere objects of pleasure, disregarding their emotions and humanity. Being in a relationship with such a person is undesirable. It’s crucial to find someone who appreciates you for who you are beyond the bedroom.

Unfortunately, some men excel at deceiving and masking their true intentions, making it necessary to be cautious. Only give your love to those deserving of it, avoiding those who play with your emotions.

But how can you identify these men and their shallow intentions? By staying vigilant and recognizing the signs of their purely sexual interests.

1. Compliments on your looks.

Shallow Intentions
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He shows little interest in anything beyond your appearance. There are no compliments on your personality, work ethic, or resilience. Discussions about your sensitivity, emotionality, or empathy are absent. His focus remains solely on your looks, lacking interest in anything deeper.

2. Sex talks every time.

Shallow Intentions
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Whenever you engage in serious conversations, he consistently intertwines them with sexual references or innuendos. His buoyant and unpredictable demeanor suggests that his thoughts are perpetually focused on sex. This behavior indicates that he views you solely as a sexual object, disregarding any deeper connection or value you possess.

3. Dirty texts and messages.

Shallow Intentions
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While it’s essential to maintain passion and intensity in a relationship, constant efforts to get you in the mood can become excessive. Playfulness with your partner is enjoyable, but when it becomes the sole focus of conversation, it may raise concerns.

4. Stay-at-home dates only.

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If he consistently avoids taking you on proper dates, it could indicate that his emotions toward you lack sincerity. It suggests he isn’t genuinely interested in pursuing a committed relationship and simply seeks casual encounters on his terms, conveniently when you’re both at home.

5. He gets upset when you refuse sex.

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Respecting your boundaries and body is crucial. He must understand and acknowledges your consent, recognizing that he has no entitlement to impose his desires on you when you’re not in the mood for intimacy.

6. No foreplay whatsoever.

Shallow Intentions
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He lacks interest in the buildup, your satisfaction, and the overall experience. His focus is solely on a quick conclusion, devoid of any genuine connection or purpose beyond that.

7. Straight to your bedroom.

Shallow Intentions
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Silent. Devoid of conversation. Lacking connection. It all boils down to physical intimacy. As soon as he arrives, his path invariably leads to your bedroom, for that’s where his sole interest lies in interacting with you. His desire is limited to sex alone, with no room for anything more.

8. He leaves after sex.

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Once the mission is accomplished and the task is completed, his immediate departure signifies his sole focus on the physical aspect. Their lack of interest in engaging in post-intimacy conversation or pillow talk indicates his intentions are purely centered around sex.

9. Booty calls any time.

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Having a boyfriend who texts you late at night to bid you goodnight before falling asleep or shows genuine interest in your day would be wonderful. However, it’s disheartening when all the late-night texts from your boyfriend are solely for booty calls. Such behavior reflects a misalignment of his intentions and suggests his heart may not be in the right place.

Have you seen through his shallow intentions? Have you done anything to change the situationship? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Viral Strange

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