Single Men Prove Apartments Can Be Cozy as Solo Dwellers

Discover the charm of solo living! Explore how single men transform apartments into cozy havens, proving that a warm home is possible alone.

Single men, in reality, need to debunk the outdated stereotype that only women can create a cozy space and that they are destined to live amidst clutter and dirty socks. It’s time to discard this misconception.

1. “First *I’m really proud of this* living space”

Single Men Apartments
© ReshKayden / Reddit

2. “I never had my own room or bed for 23 years. I just moved out and this was my first purchase for my room.”

© LordFlatFoot / Reddit

3. “I was recently widowed, but doing OK all things considered. I’m filling the void with houseplants and bikes.”

Single Men Apartments
© ___JLS / Reddit

4. “My ex-girlfriend took the couch. I finally got the couch I always wanted.”

Single Men Apartments
© oli_likes_olives / Reddit

5. “I made the coffee table, the console table behind the couch, and mounted the plant bar from a steel pipe myself. I also had to paint the window trim black for a more dramatic look.”

© sean__christian / Reddit

6. “I spent a few weeks decorating my living room.”

Single Men Apartments
© saltyypretzzel / Reddit

7. “I just redid the bedroom after my ex moved her stuff out, and I moved all my stuff back in. I just need a bed frame and it’s done.”

© MisterJimDavis / Reddit

8. “I finally finished my desk space in my new apartment.”

© daphenejtor / Reddit

9. “Dad and I built a floating bed.”

Single Men Apartments
© Mexicanvurrito17 / Reddit

10. “My wife had an affair with a gym trainer. We sold our house and got a divorce. Here’s my solo one bedroom apartment for a while.”

© oklahomachad / Reddit

11. “After years of living in moldy basements with crappy roommates, I finally have a nice place to myself.”

© cowboybret / Reddit

12. “I’m newly single and made some serious investments in my living space. I’m very happy with my bedroom.”

Single Men Apartments
© PacificTrekk / Reddit

13. “I moved out of my ex’s place and made a better living room for myself.”

Single Men Apartments
© trainsfromspace / Reddit

14. “We turned the upper floor of our warehouse into a decent living space for 4 single men.”

© MattFitz66 / Reddit

15. “After a divorce and move, and being left with no furniture I present my first solo apartment.”

© _m_e_p_ / Reddit

16. “My little sanctuary”

Single Men Apartments
© Mantaraylover / Reddit

17. “My first place, it’s not completely finished but at least the cat enjoys it!”

Single Men Apartments
© giusepperodriguez / Reddit

Are there any single men in your circle? Share their living space details in the comments!

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