Sleepover Nightmare: Teen Wakes Up In Screams

Discover the chilling tale of a teen’s sleepover nightmare as he wakes up in agony, feeling a searing pain in his burnt neck.

A sleepover nightmare emerged when a viral challenge and prank took a treacherous turn. While some bring laughs or charitable acts, games like the Blue Whale and the hot water challenge pose grave risks to vulnerable kids, highlighting the dangers of these trendy gimmicks.

Sleepover Nightmare

The hot water challenge involves dousing an unsuspecting person with scalding water, creating a painful and potentially life-threatening experience.

In an alternate rendition, the challenge entails the children consuming scalding hot water as a requirement for its completion.

Sleepover Nightmare

Tragically, the “challenge” has already resulted in fatalities. Ki’ari Pope, eight years old, lost her life after ingesting boiling water through a straw. Despite hospitalization, including a tracheotomy, she suffered hearing loss and chronic respiratory issues, ultimately succumbing to her injuries.

An 11-year-old was taken to hospital when her friends poured scalding water on her, while another teen from Arkansas ended up in the hospital due to first and second-degree burns on his neck during his sleep.

The potential lethality of the damage cannot be overstated, as mere seconds of exposure to water at approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit can inflict third-degree burns.

During a sleepover, a group of six friends witnessed a shocking incident involving a 15-year-old boy who unwittingly became a participant in the dangerous hot water challenge.

Sleepover Nightmare

The 15-year-old recounted waking up in distress, overcome by piercing screams and tears due to the searing, fiery feeling engulfing his neck.

During an interview, he said: “I felt this really bad burning on my neck … I laid in bed for two hours and finally got up. I went to the bathroom and realized that this had happened then they told me they had poured the hot water on me.”

Sleepover Nightmare


In a hurry, the boy raced back home, where his concerned mother promptly rushed him to the hospital. Surprisingly, the group of friends maintained their innocence, unaware of the scalding temperature of the water.

Sleepover Nightmare

The boys have reportedly ended their friendship, and the concerned mother urges other parents to raise awareness and denounce the hazards associated with these dangerous challenges.

What do you think of this sleepover nightmare? Do you think these challenges are a danger for children and teens? Let us know in the comments.

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