Such a Cutie! Taylor Swift Fixes Lana Del Rey’s Look in an Adorable Grammys moment

The “Snow on the Beach” singers demonstrated mutual support in a heartwarming moment during the award show.

At the 2024 Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift showcased a gesture of camaraderie as she took a moment to fix Lana Del Rey’s hair on the red carpet. In a clip shared by, Swift, upon arriving, asked, “Where’s Lana?” Later, Del Rey joined her, appearing a bit damp from the rain in Los Angeles that day.

Swift, equipped with gloves, reassured Del Rey that her wet appearance was fixable. The connection between the two artists goes beyond the red carpet, as they collaborated on the song “Snow on the Beach,” featured in Swift’s “Midnights” album.


As they made their way towards the Grammy Awards, Swift was seen attempting to fix Del Rey’s hair, highlighting their friendship. Observant fans on social media also pointed out that Swift seemed to seek Del Rey’s assistance in ensuring she didn’t have lipstick on her teeth.

In a later part of the clip, Swift even checked with an assistant to confirm if her Lorraine Schwartz watch choker was appropriately set to midnight, adding a touch of humor and personal attention to detail. The entire interaction showcased the genuine and supportive dynamic between the two artists.

Written by Telha

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