Taylor Swift’s classmate: Everybody in high school hated her!

Apparently, the ‘Cruel Summer’ hitmaker was mostly ‘hated’ by other students at her high school, according to a TikToker.

While Swifties couldn’t be prouder of how far Taylor Swift has come, there is a group of people who probably won’t be too happy with her extraordinary success.

In a video released last year, Jessica McLane—who said she grew up in the same town and went to the same school as Swift—revealed what the star was like in her teen years.


While McLane went to Hendersonville High School in North Carolina with the ‘Blank Space’ singer, she admitted in ‘a blanket apology’ she doesn’t know ‘much’ about the global superstar. She said: “I was a church kid, I didn’t really listen to Taylor Swift, I kinda just got into Taylor Swift so give me some grace. So in 2006, I’m a freshman in high school, Taylor is, I think, a junior. ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’ had just come out I think over the summer. Obviously she got really big and that’s the year that she left school, she was homeschooled in 2006.”

McLane went on to claim that Swift was mostly ‘hated’ by people at school when she ‘first started becoming super successful’.



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The TikToker added: “Keep in mind, these are her peers, you know, this isn’t like just random people on the internet. She’s literally like what 16, 17, leaving high school to pursue a career that people are telling her that she could never have. Also, the guys she was writing these songs about, they were still in school. And now they have a hit song about them, talking about what a s****y boyfriend they are, you know?”

McLane touched on ‘a lot of rumors’ about how Swift started her career, but despite going to school with Swift, the TikToker doesn’t really know. The one thing she did note however ‘were not a lot of people in high school who had nice things to say about her’.


It appears as though Swift had the last laugh though, after she invited her former classmates to the CMA Awards in 2009.

“She invited us to the CMAs to say ‘F**k you’. And we deserved it,” McLane revealed. “So Taylor, touché, that was a good one.”

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