The real reason Justin Bieber turned down Usher’s Super Bowl invite

Usher explained why Justin Bieber was not a special guest at his 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show, which featured Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Ludacris, and others.

Usher offered insight into Justin Bieber’s decision not to join him as a special guest during his highly anticipated 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Despite initial speculation and anticipation surrounding a potential collaboration between the two megastars, Bieber’s absence from the lineup raised questions among fans and media alike. However, Usher shed light on the situation during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, where he shared his understanding of Bieber’s intentions and expressed no hard feelings towards the “Baby” singer.



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According to Usher, the decision stemmed from Bieber’s desire to tell a different story in his career at this moment. While the prospect of teaming up for the Super Bowl Halftime Show was briefly discussed between them, Bieber’s priorities and artistic direction led him to decline the invitation. However, Usher made it clear that their professional relationship remains intact, as they have plans to collaborate on future projects.

Despite Bieber’s absence, Usher’s respect and admiration for his fellow artist were evident, especially considering Bieber’s attendance at the Super Bowl event to support Usher. Furthermore, Usher revealed that Bieber wasn’t the only artist approached to join him on stage, highlighting the immense pressure and expectations associated with performing at such a high-profile event.


Looking ahead, Usher expressed confidence in Bieber’s future success and predicted that the Grammy-winning artist would eventually headline his own Super Bowl Halftime Show. Usher’s unwavering belief in Bieber’s talent and trajectory underscored his optimism for their future collaborations and the continued evolution of both artists’ careers.

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