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This Is How Halloween Was Celebrated 100 Years Ago

Halloween celebrations started more than 2000 years ago!

Yes! It is not a millennial trend! Halloween celebrations started more than 2000 years ago. Celtic traditions gave life to All Saints’ eve, later on, called Halloween, the moment when spirits were thought to walk the Earth on their way to the afterlife.

However, Halloween traditions changed throughout the years, from pagan animal skins to creepy masks and modern costumes.

Viral Strange has collected some pictures of Halloween costumes from the past. Have a look!

1. The left mask is kinda weird

© mangotoes / Imgur

2. Group snapshot!

3. Michelin Man costume, the early 1900s

© TheBlogPirate / Imgur

4. 1930s dog masks

© Methorabri / Reddit

5. The Hon Mrs. Roland Cubitt dressed as ‘Three Candles’, 1930

Embed from Getty Images

6. Pumpkin Man

© love_the_heat / Reddit

7. In the spirit of Halloween

© TurnedOff / Imgur

8. The witch costume wins. A vintage mid-50s snapshot

© hauntthemoors / Instagram

9. Futuristic

© mangotoes / Imgur

10. Four grotesques pose for the camera, the 1920s

11. Pumpkins always

© nonemorepale / Imgur

12. What are these things?

© TurnedOff / Imgur

13. Kiddo being cute

© TurnedOff / Imgur

14. Halloween in the 50s

© mike_pants / Reddit

15. This is creepy. They understood their task.

© mangotoes / Imgur

16. This ghost is levitating

© nonemorepale / Imgur

17. Bizarre yet interesting

© MyBodysNobodysBodyButMine / Imgur

18. Acorn

© Dustyblue / Imgur

19. Clubs Card Costume

© MyBodysNobodysBodyButMine / Imgur

Do you celebrate Halloween? What is your favorite costume?

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