Titanic-Bound Submersible Lacked Standard Location Tech

Titanic-bound submersible faced a setback as it lacked standard location technology, essential for detecting its precise location.

The Titanic-bound submersible faced challenges as it lacked the standard location technology found in most submersibles.

According to Inverse, in August 2021, the remotely operated vehicle Hercules, intended for deep-sea exploration of shipwrecks and marine life, was reported lost almost two years ago.

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“Hercules became detached from the cable connecting it to its ship. To make matters worse, a smaller assistant craft to which Hercules was tethered, called Argus, was stuck in seabed rubble. But, as a class-certified marine explorer, Hercules was equipped with a simple but layered location technology.”

Researchers successfully located Hercules thanks to its advanced location technology. The same could have been true for the Titan submersible if it had been equipped with standard layered location tech. The oversight of not considering this crucial factor during its construction remains a mystery.

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The Titanic-bound submersible, which disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean shortly after Father’s Day, is believed to have sunk with no hope of retrieving the five occupants’ bodies.

Tragically, the sub-vessel experienced a catastrophic implosion, resulting in the shattering of the vessel and the loss of all lives on board.

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