Tom Cruise Completely Absent from Suri’s Life

Unveiling the absence of Tom Cruise in the life of his daughter Suri. Discover the details and dynamics surrounding their relationship.

Tom Cruise is noticeably absent from his 16-year-old daughter Suri’s life as she prepares to embark on her college journey in New York to pursue fashion studies. While her supportive mom Katie Holmes is by her side, Cruise’s absence remains prominent, indicating his lack of involvement.

According to Daily Mail, “Suri, who turns 17 next month, ‘has sent some applications out’ and is ‘leaning towards’ studying fashion in New York City – a choice that would make her style-savvy mother Katie very pleased.”

“Suri is applying to schools all over the place. [Katie] really does want her to stay in New York so they can be close to each other. Katie takes great pride in her but is also extremely overprotective,” their source added. “Katie is overwhelmed by the idea of her daughter going off to college.”

Despite her mother’s active involvement in her life, it’s disheartening to note that Tom Cruise has not seen his daughter in nearly a decade!

Tom Cruise

Tom and Katie embarked on their romantic journey in 2005, with their love for each other flourishing so rapidly that they announced their engagement merely two months into their relationship.

Their daughter Suri Cruise was born in April 2006, followed by their official wedding in Italy in November of the same year.

After a little over five years together, Holmes filed for divorce in June 2012.

“Tom Cruise was seconds away from doing what he does best: shooting an adrenaline-fueled action sequence. But as the cameras prepared to roll on June 28, the megastar-in Iceland filming his upcoming sci-fi thriller Oblivion got an unexpected phone call from his wife, Katie Holmes.” People reported in July 2012.

Amid a stunt, Cruise dismounted his motorcycle to answer a call, unaware of the impending news that would rock his world. Holmes, in front of the film crew, delivered the unexpected blow of filing for divorce, leaving him shattered like a cinematic explosion.

Back in 2019, Us Weekly disclosed that due to his association with Scientology, Hollywood’s Top Gun, Tom Cruise, was reportedly unable to maintain contact with his daughter.

The actor was last seen with his 13-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, in 2013.

Tom Cruise

According to a former follower of the organization, the reported sighting was merely a publicity stunt aimed at maintaining a particular public image: “Maybe he did it for a photo op to make it seem like he was connected so he wouldn’t be criticized.”

According to Hollywood Life, “the last known photos of Suri and her dad are from nearly a decade ago in 2012 when the pair visited Disneyland together.”

According to an insider in April 2019, despite his inability to visit Suri Cruise, his love for her remains unwavering: “As challenging as things have become for him and his daughter, he still loves her. Tom never intended to be estranged from his daughter when he decided to have a family with Katie, and he looks forward to repairing their relationship one day.”

It is saddening that Tom Cruise cannot meet his daughter, isn’t it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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