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Top 10 Things You Need to Know if You Own a Pet

1- Pets have feeling just like us

Photo by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

One of the major mistakes that most of the pet owners is that they treat their pets the way they want to. But this is defiantly wrong because pets have emotion just like us and you should not disrespect them or hurt them to make a joke about them.

So you have to respect their feeling because there will be days when pets feel bad and doesn’t respond the way you want.

2- Don’t force them to do things

Photo by ❤️Alexas_Fotos❤️ from Pixabay

Pets are simple creators that doesn’t know the meaning of hate or being rebel .
So when your pet doesn’t know certain things or is not as smart and responsive as the other pet it’s because of your fault not theirs. So the correct way to make them do what you want is to teach them instead of forcing them.

3- Using rewards is the best way to teach your pets

Photo by Cucu Petronela from Pixabay

Upon checking most of the researches about pets we realized that the best way to teach your pet something Is using reward system. First of all you have to find out what’s your pets favorite food or toy .Then you have to show them how to do the thing you want.

Then if they didn’t do it you should try again after a little bit again and again until they learn and then when they do it you should reward them and keep on doing it for a while until they get used to it.

4- Teach them wrong and right signs

Photo by photosforyou from Pixabay

One of the very crucial things you need to teach your pet before anything is to teach them wrong and right sign. If you teach them they will improvise way better over the course of time. Because whenever they do wrong things if they know that you didn’t like it. They may slowly quit doing it and vise versa.

5- Know the characteristic of your pets

Photo by ❤️Alexas_Fotos❤️ from Pixabay

Of course every animal has their own behaviors and signs that differentiate them from the others.

So it’s very important to Google and Youtube your pet and know how they usually behave and what does it mean when they behave in a certain way so that in future you know exactly what they mean and understand each other better.

6- Do not rush when training your pet , do not quit training them

Photo by Jennifer Regnier from Pixabay

No matter how good your pet is . There’s always something new that your pet can learn. and also if you are trying to teach your pet.

You must know that almost every pet is less smart than human. So in order for them to learn anything certain things you should know that it is a time consuming process and you should not get bored and angry if they didn’t learn as quick as you wanted.

7- Do not feed them all the time

Photo by Florian Bollmann from Pixabay

This mistake is common especially in bird owners when they full their feeding bowl all the time. Upon our research we find out that one of the major causes of dying pets are common heart and gut disease that is related of too much food and too less activity.


So the best way to feed your pet is to feed them the necessary amount required for their daily activities . Unless your pet is highly active and burns a lot calories daily you should not full their food bowl all the time.

And the ideal way to feed them is to feed them the necessary amount in your hand or by your side so that they know that you are the one that providing them food and appreciate you.

8- Do not hurt them or panic if they weren’t respectful toward your friends or strangers

Photo by Shaun F from Pixabay

Pets are highly sensitive and scared animals. So whenever you see them scared or panic when they meet someone new or even disrespect them. You don’t have to panic or hurt them for their reaction because it’s in their nature and they can’t resist it.

So the correct way to do it is to just apologize to your friend or the stranger and try to eventually build a trust for your pet so that in future they don’t panic when they meet a stranger.

9- They all hate bath

Photo by Santa3 from Pixabay

If you ever owned a pet you must know that they hate getting washed/Taking bath.
So if you see that your pet is reacting very strangely and very aggressively avoid taking a bath it’s totally normal. All you have to do is to figure out a way to trick them and give them the bath.

10- Visit a vet , at leat once each 6-8 months.

Photo by Mirko Sajkov from Pixabay

If you’re trying to keep your pet for as long as possible and you don’t want them to be sick . You have to take them to vet and check their health every 6-8 months. Because sometimes they may look and act very normal but there might be something wrong with their health and you haven’t realized so visiting a vet every 6-8 months will decrease the chance of them dying or getting disabled out of sickness.


Overall owning a pet is not all about fun, You have to build a good connection with them , keeping them healthy and keep teaching them new things in order for them to stay active , funny , healthy and cute.

Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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