World’s First Pregnant Man Regains Shape After 3rd Child Birth

Discover how the world’s first pregnant man regained shape post 3rd childbirth. Read more about it in the article.

The world’s first pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, formerly known as Tracy Lagondinoback, defied norms by experiencing three pregnancies. His journey to becoming a man began at 20 with testosterone injections, leading to visible facial hair and reduced genitalia.

In 2012, Thomas underwent breast removal, and his then-wife Nancy Beatie had her uterus removed.

However, Thomas chose to retain his female reproductive organ.

World's First Pregnant Man
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Thomas is convinced that the trans community greatly benefited from the media attention surrounding his pregnancy. Today, he and his family are thriving. He welcomed his first child, Susan, in 2018, and has since given birth to two more children with Beatie. Although they separated in 2012, Thomas married his second wife, Amber Beatie (nee Nicholas), in 2016.

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In 2018, both he and Amber, who previously worked at the daycare attended by his children, joyfully welcomed their baby [pictured], with Amber as the birth mother.


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“When my story came out, there wasn’t a single person in the public eye as a transgender man. Most people had never heard of it. This was pre-Chaz Bono. This was pre-Caitlyn Jenner. This was before anyone knew anything. It was the first exposure for a lot of people. And then, on top of that, they can give birth! I think exposing the importance of fertility for trans people was a huge eye-opener,” Thomas told TODAY Health.

His photos, featuring him cradling his bare, enlarged, pregnant stomach, went viral worldwide.

World's First Pregnant Man

Following the expected surge, TV and magazine requests poured in for Thomas. He penned a book called “Labor of Love,” featured in TV specials, and even starred in a French reality show.

Despite the whirlwind, Thomas has no regrets. In 2018, after writing about his pregnancy for The Advocate, he sought advice and feared losing his daughter to authorities.

At present, the world’s first pregnant man title holder and his family enjoy a serene life in Phoenix. Thomas occasionally engages in public-speaking gigs and minor acting roles.


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Thomas, a proud dad, shares custody of his older children, aged 11, 12, and 13. They split time between his house and their mom’s, just ten miles away. Together, they swim, try new recipes, and play checkers. Though the 2008 attention for being “the world’s first pregnant man” lingers, he remains pleased with fatherhood.


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Thomas faced numerous challenges in his life. He endured being the subject of jokes on late-night talk shows and even faced criticism from Barbara Walters who described his maternity photos as disturbing during an interview.

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He said: “It was hard when my story came out. People were saying things on TV and in the media that if they came close to saying today, they would be immediately fired. I’m just in shock about how wild Wild West it was back then.”

Trystan Reese, a trans advocate in Oregon, revealed that if Thomas had been more engaged in the trans equality movement, he and others would have cautioned him against sharing his story.


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“I remember thinking it was a little early to tell this kind of story publicly. Cultural change is developmental. It takes people time to understand the kindergarten level of transgender issues. This was Ph.D. – level stuff. I was scared for him,” he said.

World's First Pregnant Man

Thomas determined that while public perception of his experience has changed, significant efforts remain to support transgender individuals aspiring to have families. This includes enhanced training for healthcare providers and fair access to fertility treatments and parental leave.


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He said: “I think a lot of people are still pigeonholed, thinking that if you want to be transgender, you have to completely get rid of all your (reproductive organs).”

“To be a true transgender person, you just have to go through with this – and that you shouldn’t want to have kids. There needs to be a discussion about fertility, and preservation. Being transgender, you shouldn’t have to lose your right of having a family. You’re entitled to be happy and have a family and be respected,” he continued.

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