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10 Interesting Facts About The Female Body

A list of facts regarding the changes in a female body throughout the years and other mysteries

There are still some mysteries regarding the female body. Viral Strange will list some interesting facts that will surprise many people.

1. Morning sickness is good for future moms

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A study made at the University of Colorado says that morning sickness in pregnant women is a coping mechanism, helping the fetus avoid toxins that their mother consumes.

2. Women are good at hearing high-pitch

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Women are ‘sound-detectors’! A woman can easily recognize high-pitched noises, also even the slightest changes in the pitch of a voice when someone is lying.

3. Females are multitaskers

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Females show 3% better results in intelligence tests. Also, they can do multiple things at the same time.

4. The X chromosome means a good immune system


The X chromosome has more micro-RNA packs that strengthen the immune system – say scientists from Gent’s University.

5. Women get through sicknesses more easily

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Estrogen – the dominant hormone in female bodies, helps suppress the inflammation process, making women’s bodies deal with sickness faster.

6. PMS symptoms come and go with age

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In early teens and after their 40s, females may experience more PMS symptoms because of the hormonal changes.

7. Women are biologically wired to spot alpha-females

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Females spot other alpha-females biologically. Usually, their points of shoes are directed toward an alpha-female.

8. Breasts are not the same for every woman

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No woman has the same breast size. Usually, one is larger than the other one.

9. Arousal is all the same for the female brain

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Either caused by a partner or just thinking about food, the female brain will “light up” just the same on an MRI when it comes to arousal.

10. Birth control affects physical attractiveness

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Birth control lowers female attractiveness to men, adding more ‘manly’ hormones.

What do you find more interesting among these facts? Let us know in the comments!

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