10 Things That You Have to Do Before Engaging in a Relationship

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Being in a relationship takes maturity and a lot of patience. You can’t love someone, and that is the end of it. It takes a lot of sacrifices and more. You have to lessen their burdens at some point too. What do you have to do before you commit yourself to someone?

Here at Viral Strange, we listed down 10 things that you have to do before engaging in a relationship:

1. You have to address your inner issues and securities first.

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You have to be able to embrace your flaws and unwanted parts. You have to do it for yourself because no one will do it for you. When you are in a relationship, you have to address your insecurities because it will only create conflict. You will constantly seek validation from your partner when not necessary because you feel weak, unconfident, and not worthy of love.

2. You have to embody commitment and honesty.

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You have to understand that once you are already in a relationship, it is not just yourself that you have to consider because you are not alone anymore. You have to consider your partner’s feelings too. You have to commit yourself to the other person that you will be faithful in your relationship.

3. You have already moved on from your past relationship.

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It will be unfair if you are only using someone to get over the other. It is immaturity when you try to get over someone by being in a relationship with someone new. You are creating chaos and adding more pain. You do not love someone only because it is convenient on your part. Before you do that to someone, you have to put yourself first in their shoes. For sure, you will not like it when your feelings are being played on.

4.You have to show your authentic self.

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You don’t have to fake anything for you to be with someone. You do not have to pretend that you can buy all the material things. You do not have to fake your personality. You just have to be yourself and that is all it takes. The right person will accept the genuine you with no hesitations. You do not have to be perfect. You do not have to be the best person in the whole room. You just have to have the biggest heart and have the most genuine intentions.

5. You have to be responsible.

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You have to understand that being in a relationship is a responsibility. You have to be careful with your actions because it will affect your partner. You have to be mature enough to make decisions and have a sound mind to take risks. Your partner is now your liability, so you have to make the right decisions.

6. You need to have patience.

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A relationship is not just about good times. It is not just hugs, sex, and kisses. There will be days when you are about to lose your patience. There will be days when you can’t stand each other for petty reasons. There will be days when you feel tired of waiting for her. There will be arguments along the day. There will be disagreement on certain things for sure. There are times that you just want to break up with her because of all the drama that you can’t stand and her crazy mood swings.

7. You need to prepare yourself to be hurt.

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You have to brace yourself for pain too. It is not having a negative mindset, but being in a relationship sometimes gives you so much disappointment and heartache. Some relationships do not work so you have to be ready. There are times that you are hurting each other unintentionally and it is heartbreaking to witness.

8. You need to lower your pride and ego.

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You need to learn to apologize. You have to be mature enough to own up to your mistakes. Owning up to your mistakes is not a weakness but more of being a decent person. You need to lower your pride and learn the art of listening for a relationship to work. Everything is not about you, so you have to know to understand your partner.

9. You need to be ready for other people’s opinions.

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When you start to love someone, not everyone will accept it. People will always have unsolicited opinions about it. Some will be pleasant, while others will be hurting. That is the life we cannot please everyone. You have to be ready to accept those and never listen to pure hate. When you truly love someone, you do not listen to what they say. You have to listen to your heart. You do not have to listen to them because you know him better than anyone. You have to brave and stand up for her when necessary.

10. You have to make efforts for her. 

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Girls do not need so much. They do not need expensive material things from you. She only wants you to make an effort to see her when you have time. She does not need so much, just a piece of your understanding and open ears. She will appreciate it when you open up to her about your plans and thoughts too. One thing that she will like is handwritten love letters. In this age of social media, she wants to keep it traditional. After all, she has an old soul. 

One thing for sure, being in a relationship is not a walk in the park. But if you are with the person you are willing to spend the rest of your life with everything, will turn out easy. You have to have an open mind that anything can happen. You have to expect the best, but you have to brace yourself for the worst scenarios.

Most importantly, you have to love someone when you are all set. When you can already love someone wholeheartedly without reservations, then that is the right time. You do not have to pressure yourself because of social media clamor and validation.

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  1. Thank you for those words . Iam in a long distance relationship and I do get anxious about how thing will turn out . I love him very much and he loves me . And I am hoping soon that we will be together.