11 Things That Your Older Sister Does Not Like About You

Growing up having an older sister can be both fun and annoying. You have to deal with her constantly reminding you of some matters. You have to follow her commands and requests. You have to constantly deal with her drama and nagging second to your mom. You have to behave around her because she will definitely tell your mom when you do not do it. She can be a nightmare to you when she tells your mom stories about you.

Here at Viral Strange, we listed down 11 things that your older sister does not like about you:

1. She felt jealous when all the attention was shifted to you.

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There was a point when she felt bad because nobody seemed to care for her anymore. Because she can already stand for herself, no one seems to see her struggles anymore. No one seems to notice her sadness and pain any longer because they know that she is tough and stronger. No one seems to care for feelings anymore because she has to look after you instead of herself.

2. She hates it when you are messy in the house.

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She does not like it when you do not organize your things. She does hate it when your stuff is all over the place. She does not like seeing your room to be so dirty. But since she finds it uncomfortable when everything is not in place, she will do it as an additional task.

3. She does not like it when you do not have the initiative to help with the household chores.

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She hates it when your mom has to tell you what to do with your messy stuff in the house. It really irks her seeing you spend your day with your computer playing games but not helping the tasks at home. She does not like it when you do not listen to your mom or dad’s words.

4. She hates it when you are being too loud.

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She does not like it when you blast your phone speakers so loud. She really gets too annoyed when are yelling so loud while playing video games alone or with your friends. She hates it when she has to raise her voice for you to respect her personal space.

5. She does not like it when you keep on demanding material things from your parents.

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She does not want you to keep chasing the latest gadgets because aside from they are expensive, their value depreciates from time to time. It is not a good decision to spend the hard-earned money of your parents on material things. She wants you to focus on your ‘needs’ and not the ‘wants’.

6. She does not like seeing you being disrespectful to your parents.

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She hates it when you are already raising your voice when speaking with them or not listening to them. She hates it when you still have to be reprimanded just for you to be sensitive to other people or to do your to-do- lists.

7. She hates it when you are being lazy.

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She does not like it when she still has to constantly remind you about your responsibilities. She nags at you because you are not showing any progress about the promises you made that you will already do better next time.

8. She does not like it when you are not  being focused on your studies.

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She hates you spending more time with your friends than to review your notes for your upcoming exams. She hates it when you spend so much time watching TV and you are not even working on your homework.

9. She hates it when you borrow her stuff without asking permission.

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She does not like it when you wear her clothes and borrows her books or phone, and the worst is, you did not return them to the right place. 

10. She does not like it when you engage in a relationship at a young age or do vices.

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She knows that it is your life, but she does not want you to waste all opportunities given to you. She wants you to focus more on building your future rather than be drunk and wasted somewhere. She does not want to see you smoke because it will greatly affect you badly in the long run.

11. Despite everything that she does not like about you, she still loves you with all your might.

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  • Your sister might be harsh to you sometimes, but that is tough love. She just wants you to be more responsible in life. She wants you to embrace responsibilities as early as now. She might pick on you at times, but trust her, she will be the first person who will rally for you when you need support. She will be the first person who will protect you from people who are taking advantage of your weakness. She is one of those people who want to see you thrive in life.
  • Your sister might be one of the most annoying people in your life, but you have to live with it. She might have a lot of complaints about you, but that is only because she wants you to be better and see you grow.
  • You might have a love-hate relationship for now, but that’s what makes your relationship special. She might act that does not care about you, but she definitely does. She was one of the happiest when you came to this world.
  • Your sister is not perfect at all. Sometimes she becomes insensitive too and she feels sorry for that. She may be too bossy sometimes, but she just wants you to be tough because the world outside is tougher. She might keep on telling you about your lapses because she wants you to learn. She wants you to be independent so when you go out of the house, she knows that you can already face the world on your own.

She is not the best sister around, but she will always be on the lookout when you need a back up in life. She will never be tired of you.

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