12 Obvious Signs You Should Consider in Quitting Your Job

Working in a corporate setting can be both challenging and draining. There are days that you wanted to quit because you feel like you deserve so much better. There are also times that you wanted to stay because you love some of the people around you. What are the signs that can tell that it is the right time to quit your job?

Here at Viral Strange, we have listed down 12 obvious signs you should consider in quitting your job:

1. There is no growth at all.

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You have been doing the same routine for a long time, and you feel bored about it. There seems to be no growth, and your manager does not seem to care for you to climb the career ladder. There was no opportunity given to you even if you are already ready to step up your game.

2. There is too much politics in the workplace.

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Someone gets the promotion and does not even deserve it for so many valid reasons. While you were consistent, was never considered for the spot. It is because they are close to the higher management. It is not bitterness, but if there is an obvious injustice in the workplace, you should reevaluate your choices if you are still staying.

3. Your boss is very unreasonable.

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If your boss is straight-up unreasonable, please leave because your life will be in hell. A boss that actually antagonizes you with lots of workloads without considering the amount of stuff you have to already work on is toxic. He has to understand that there should be a time frame where you can submit the work outputs because you are not a robot. Also, when he has to communicate with you even if it is a weekend, then that is a major red flag. You do not have to bring your office works at home. You have a family, and you have a life to live aside from working.

4. You have toxic workmates.

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Stay away from your workmates who love to lick asses to be promoted and be ahead of you. You do not have to deal with workmates whose only talent is to gossip around and would confidently go on over break or lunch. You do not deserve to be on a team that does not do their share in a group task. You do not deserve people who act as if they are the owners of the company.

5. If there is a better opportunity presented to you.

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Do not hesitate to move out if there is a better job for you. A job that would maximize your full potentials is what you need. You have to consider a working environment where working can still be fun. Trust me, it is not always about the pay that makes you stay, but the people around and the kind of fulfillment that your job gives.

6.If the company only cares about profit.

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If a company does not look after the well-being of its employees, then you have to leave. You do not have to stay in a company that ignores your mental health. Do not stay in a company where there is little to no employee engagement.

7. They are not paying you well.

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They give you more tasks and responsibilities, and they are not compensating you well. That is lowkey exploiting you. Do not settle for something that is not paying your worth rightfully. It is not demanding when you ask for what you deserve.

8. The company policies and processes are confusing.

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There is indeed no such thing as a perfect company, but if a company does not live up to its values, then that is something that will make a negative impact on your work. Do not be a part of a company that does not seem to know where they are heading. You do not deserve to be a part of a company that does listen to its employees’ voices.

9. You are not happy anymore.

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When you feel like going to work every day is tiring, then that is a sign that you need to take a break and reevaluate your choices. Working should actually make you feel empowered every day and would allow you to grow with your career.

10. You are not being valued.

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When your efforts are not being appreciated then that will eventually make you feel demotivated to work. Most of the time, uplifting words of appreciate make a difference.

11. You do not have peace of mind anymore.

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Your shift just starts, and you already have the urge to go home. Going to work daily disturbs your inner peace. You can’t concentrate on doing your duties because there is so much toxicity around.

12. You don’t represent the companies values.

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You don’t see yourself working with them anymore because you do not stand for their values. You do not feel any connection with the things they represent.

If your job does not make you feel happy anymore, you really have to find your way out. It will just burn you in the long run, physically and psychologically. You do not have to endure dealing with people who do not share the same values as yours. You do not have to stay long when you know that you can land a job anytime because of your credentials.

If it causes you more distress than happiness that you should quit and take a break. One thing for sure is there will always be a job for you. Do not be tired of looking for it. Master your skills and hone your abilities to prepare you for a better one.

You deserve to be in a company where your voice matters. A company that sees your potentials is a must to have. You deserve to have a boss who sees you as a human with emotions. A boss who has compassion and is not selfish with his knowledge. Someone who also wants you to grow and be someone else in the future. You deserve to be in a place where you can consider a second home.

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Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

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