15 Awesome Signs of Maturity

We all have our own fair share of bad decisions made in the past. We all made immature actions in the past too. We also unintentionally hurt some people in our lives because of how insensitive we are on some things. But when can you say that you have fully grown and mature as a decent human being?

Here at Viral Strange, we listed down 15 awesome signs of maturity:

1. You become a home buddy even more. 

woman sleeping in bed
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Instead of going out to a party, you prefer to be at home. You prefer to be in a silent place with yourself. You prefer to read new books at home. You prefer to binge-watch your favorite shows during weekends.  You prefer to pamper yourself with sleep. You love that you get to spend so much time for yourself.

2. You make decisions based on your conscience. 

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You make good judgment and sound decisions, not just for yourself but also considering the impact that it will have on other people. You become mindful of the repercussions of your actions to other people. You already grasp the reality that whatever you will impact other people as well. 

3. You deal with things in private.

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You choose to talk to the persons involved personally than vent out on social media when conflicts arise. You learned your lesson in the past, so you will not publicly display your dirty laundry online because people will never help you. They will instead add more fire that will trigger it even more.

4. You take the high road when needed.

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You do not necessarily need to impose that you are right to someone all the time anymore. You value peace more than ever. You tend to be the bigger person. You learn to understand people even more. You lower your pride and listen to what they are about to say. You take the high road because you want to settle conflicts right away.

5. You choose your battles all the time.

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Some battles are not worth your time and energy. You learn to filter your reactions to stones thrown at you. You know when to react. You know if when is the right time to speak up and fight for what is the truth. You know when to be silent because people who will always misunderstand you will never listen no matter what you say.

6. You understand that everything is not about you.

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The world does not only revolve around you, so you understand people even more. You are more open to hearing their struggles and stories. You learn to understand why they did such things and decisions. You listen to them wholeheartedly.

7. You become more sensitive to other people’s feelings.

multiracial women hugging tenderly
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You don’t invalidate other people’s feelings. You are more tact in spitting your words. You always put yourself in their shoes before saying anything. You become more kind. You become a better listener. You would rather not say anything when it will offend the other person in the end.

8. You embrace yourself even more.

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It took you some time to fully embrace yourself, but you did it. You now have a better understanding of who you are. You have a clear vision of your goals and plans. You have an in-depth acceptance of yourself. You are not perfect, but you are now making more efforts to improve yourself even more.

9. You understand the meaning of friendship in a deeper sense.

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You understand when friends do not have time to see you sometimes because they also have a life of their own too. . You understand when they cannot be with you all the time. Distance and communication will not affect the relationship you share because you have an unbreakable one.

10. You have a sense of accountability for your actions.

woman writing sorry on a board
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You own up to your mistakes, and you apologize when necessary. You do not give excuses for your bad habits, and you do your best to correct them all the time. You are excited about the growth and positive changes in your life.

11. You do not force any type of relationship.

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You do not force anyone to stay. You do not force someone to love you. You let people leave if they want to. You don’t box them and be the reason for their failure. You let them choose who they want to be in their lives. You support their happiness. You let them choose their happiness even if you are not part of it anymore.

12. You appreciate every blessing that you have.

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You learn to value all the things that you have. You celebrate every blessing, no matter how small it is. You appreciate the efforts someone makes to make you happy. You are grateful for the people who love and support you. You take time to say thank you to the people who were with you during your battles.

13. You use your privilege in the right way.

woman holding a rainbow flag
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You speak out for the voiceless people. You extend your help to them. You become more aware of the lapses of our system. You become more aware of the needs and struggles of your community. You want to be a part of the causes that represent the beliefs that you stand for.

14.  You become happy for people’s success.

cheerful diverse friends having a party on a terrace
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You support people with their dreams, goals, and the great causes that they promote. You genuinely become happy when someone gets the success they deserve. You celebrate other people’s achievements without being envious. It makes you happy seeing them slowly realizing their dreams.

15. You know your worth.

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You do not settle for temporary love. You want to be in a long term relationship. You still have your ideals, but you make it more realistic this time. You want a real love that will give more colors to your life. You want a love that does not fade easily.

Indeed, maturity does not come with age. It does happen when you are ready to embrace the imperfections of life. It does happen when you have a deeper understanding and the effect of your actions on other people. It happens when you do your best to improve yourself.

Maturity takes time to happen. We all make mistakes in the past because we are all a work in progress here. The most important thing is to be always open to greater changes.

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Written by Zhwlya Azad

There are two things I love to write about, one of them is travel and the second is food. Why not combine both of them and come up with relationships.

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