15 Events Caught On Camera At The Perfect Time

Hilarious pictures caught at the perfect time

Have you ever caught a funny event at the exact moment, at the perfect time? Well, these pictures are not only hilarious but also bizarre.

Viral Strange has collected 15 pictures caught on camera at the perfect moment. Let’s have a look…

1. Racing team. Racing team?

2. “Well, that’s just your opinion, Ball. I’ll listen to it, but I’m not going to respect it.”

3. Melanie Griffith’s pet lion

4. “Let me get that for you.”

5. Uh-oh…

6. You, thief!

7. Oh, damn. His nose… His brain!

8. No one is watching.


9. Straight to its mouth.

10. Groom or bride? Uhm…

11. Living the best life.

12. Ouch.

13. “Psst…hey, Luke. I’m your giant father.”

14. Benjamin Button in the process.

15. “Why can’t I hold all of these pigeons?”

Which one did you expect the least to happen? Tell us in the comments.

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