17 Strange Objects Identified by People

Discover how 17 strange objects were identified with the help of online experts. From ancient tools to quirky gadgets, find out more!

Have you ever stumbled upon strange objects and wondered what they might be? In this fascinating journey, 17 people found bizarre objects and turned to people on Reddit for answers.

Dive in to explore these mysteries and see what strange objects were identified!

1. “Father-in-law sent this for my kids, but we have no clue what this is.”

17 Strange Objects
© BloodSpades / Reddit

“Are you 100% sure it’s for the kids? Because this is an ironing aid.” © QuirkyWolfie / Reddit

2. “I found red wax in the keyhole on my front door.”

© AlphaMetroid / Reddit

“Careful! It’s a method used by squatters/burglars to see who on the block is using their key or even if there might be empty homes.” © Atllas66 / Reddit

3. “I found this red and clear rubber toy-like thing!”

17 Strange Objects
© MaximumBicycle3447 / Reddit

“Oh! It’s a Lego part. It’s a pair of balloons held by a Lego figure.” © trackert / Reddit

4. “I was given this small silver object as a pre-wedding gift with no explanation. It has small lines engraved on it.”

© I_Heart_Squids / Reddit

“It looks like a Native American wedding vase.” © WhiteRhynno / Reddit

5. “It’s leather with a zipper and a rectangle opening.”

17 Strange Objects
© Doc_Mindbender / Reddit

’’It’s a golf bag cover.’’ © Doc_Mindbender / Reddit

6. ’’What is this black rubber thing attached to a bungee-type cord inside my new ski jacket?’’

© Different-Aerie-6508 / Reddit

’’It is a phone holder.’’ © Arcunus / Reddit

7. ’’What is this thing? We received this in a goodie bag but I have no idea what it’s supposed to be used for.’’

17 Strange Objects
© ColdCommunication235 / Reddit

’’A hook to hang your handbag from a table, so it doesn’t have to sit on the floor.’’ © Poekienijn / Reddit

8. ’’What’s this set of six red metal coils? They are not springy.’’

© bigkahunaburger23 / Reddit

’’It’s a plastic cup holder.’’ © Unknown user / Reddit

9. ’’What is this piece of plastic, pointed on one side? I received it as a Christmas gift.’’

17 Strange Objects
© Karljoneill / Reddit

’’Looks like a page spreader for reading. The pointed end goes into the spine and thumb in the hole, so you can hold the book easily in one hand.’’ © K***Fallen / Reddit

10. ’’Is this an instrument?’’

© summersirens / Reddit

’’A door harp. It goes on the door and “chimes” when people come in. If it wasn’t tangled.’’ © brock_lee / Reddit

11. ’’What are these objects? They’re small, light, and have a middle part that swivels around the center.’’

17 Strange Objects
© PM_ME_JPOP_RECS / Reddit

’’Those are the legs for a folding ironing board.’’ © numbskul1 / Reddit

12. “What is this pop can sized angry faced plastic lady?”

© Disastrous_Currency7 / Reddit

This is an Angry Mama. Used for cleaning microwaves. Take her hair off and fill the first line with vinegar, then water. She’s microwaved for a few minutes and the steam that is released through her head holes helps loosen dried crud inside the microwave. © toxic_stars / Reddit

13. ’’What’s this small semicircular rubber object stored along with jewelry?’’

17 Strange Objects
© SpaceWizard360 / Reddit

’’It’s a spare pad for an eyelash curler. The parts of the curler that clamp around your eyelashes are squishy so that they don’t damage them.’’ © nadia61 / Reddit

14. ’’What’s this playground thing? The green round part spins.’’

© Epic2112 / Reddit

’’The child sits in it and someone spins them.’’ © jackrats / Reddit

15. ’’What is this? It looks like some kind of lightbulb, found in an archive of radio operators.’’

17 Strange Objects
© stiglisa / Reddit

’’A mercury arc rectifier.’’ © sim1985 / Reddit

16. ’’What is this thing in the middle of the wall in my 1906 house?!’’

© theMstates / Reddit

’’Oh, it’s a capped-off gas line from when they used gas lighting.’’ © jackrats / Reddit

17. “What is it?! It reminds me of those portable urinals for women, LOL.”

17 Strange Objects
© StevieNichole / Reddit

“Actually it’s a an abs exerciser”. © jackrats / Reddit

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