Strange Inventions That Are Confusing

Creativity is endless, yet we come across many strange inventions that are pretty confusing in their purpose.

Strange inventions are not so strange anymore. Creativity is endless, and we are used to seeing weird things that make us scratch our heads.

Viral Strange has collected 15 pics of strange inventions that are pretty confusing for their purpose.

1. I need help captioning this one…

strange inventions
© SDF**50 / Reddit

2. Babe, wake up. It’s a shoe car.

© uw_gooselord / Reddit

3. Berserk lighter

strange inventions
© ShadOwOchan / Reddit

4. When you want to make a grand entrance at the Christmas party

© Elfiih / Reddit

5. This backpack/purse

strange inventions
© Sabriel_Love / Reddit

6. The Faucet Lamp made by my uncle

© UniverseSphere / Reddit

7. Custom Yard Fountain

strange inventions
© Lobenz / Reddit

8. This is a mug

© sijoma / Reddit

9. Crocs + Boots = Croots

strange inventions
© VanillaWax / Reddit

10. Rugged warrior

© Awkward_Buddy7350 / Reddit

11. These handbags were found at the street fair

strange inventions
© CaptainC*********s / Reddit

12. Tooth outfit

© ChaosBadB***h / Reddit

13. This stadium’s “house-front” box

strange inventions
© w_oos_y / Reddit

14. Keyboard with cheese-styled keycaps

© Pinecone / Reddit

15. Long-time lurker. Then I saw this and just had to share.

strange inventions
© dreaming-md / Reddit

Which one is the most strange? Have you ever come across anything else that confused you? Tell us in the comments below.

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