200,000€ to resuscitate a dead body! 377 corpses already preserved

Tomorrow Biostasis, a start-up based in Rafa, Canton of Zurich and led by cryogenics expert Dr. Emil Kendziorra, specializes in preserving human bodies at -196 degrees Celsius with the hope of future resuscitation, despite current uncertainties about its feasibility.

Tomorrow Biostasis is an innovative start-up dedicated to cryogenics, i.e. the preservation of biological tissues hibernated at extremely low temperatures. The main objective is to preserve human bodies while waiting for future technologies that can allow their resuscitation.

The Startup is based in Rafa, Canton of Zurich and the project is led by Doctor Emil Kendziorra, an expert in the field of cryogenics.


The bodies are preserved at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius using liquid nitrogen. After the initial preparation, they are transferred to a specially designed warehouse, called “Long-term storage in Switzerland”.

Currently, the facility hosts 377 cryopreserved human bodies, including 15 Italians.

The cryopreservation procedure costs 200 thousand euros for each individual. This price covers the entire process, from initial preparation to long-term storage.

At the moment, there are no guarantees that the bodies can be successfully resuscitated. However, it is predicted that a possible resuscitation could occur in 200 to 300 years, depending on future scientific advances.

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