22 Real Major Turn-Offs For Men

Every man is not expecting his girl to be a perfect one. He knows that she will have a certain amount of imperfections. He understands that there are certain things she has to work on too. But what are the major turn-offs for men?

Here at Viral Strange, we listed 22 real major turn-offs for men: 

1.Being too nagger

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He understands when you want to remind him of certain things, but do not overdo it. Nagging at him will make him feel that you do not trust him. Nagging does not help at all. You can actually talk to him in a good manner when the emotions are not raging anymore.

2. When you are overly jealous for no reason at all

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Feeling jealous is normal in a relationship. There are moments when you feel like you are not the priority anymore. But you have to understand that being too jealous only adds more drama to the relationship. If he did not do anything wrong, then do not act that way. He did choose you for a reason, so stop being too dramatic.

3. Being too dramatic

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It is understandable that you have different ways on coping with things. But it is never okay when you come up with stories on your head just because you see him with his close friend talking. It is a different story when you try to throw tantrums because you feel that he does not love you anymore.

4. Not allowing him to be with his friends

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Remember that your boyfriend also has a life of his own. You do not have to restrict him from seeing his friends. He is already old enough to know his responsibilities in life. He needs time with his friends to unwind too. It is his life to decide on things. You are not his only world. You are just a part of it.

5. When you keep on reminding him of his mistakes from the past

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You have the right to be upset about him when he did something wrong again. You should feel bad about it. But you do not have to keep on reminding him about his past mistakes. Allow people to grow and learn from their mistakes.

6. Playing mind games with him

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Indeed, there is always perfect timing to say how you feel to your boyfriend, but you should consider his feelings too. What girls will never understand is that boys do not read minds. Be mature about everything. Instead of giving him hints, tell him what you want. You have to tell him how you feel because that is the most effective way to communicate.

7. Making him feel jealous to get his attention

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As men are not into mind games, you really have to be open with them. You do not have to make him feel jealous just for him to notice you. Maybe he’s busy with other important things too. You should know that you can’t always be the priority.

8. Being unhygienic

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We do not like someone who smells bad when we kiss and hug them. It makes us feel uncomfortable when someone does not have good hygiene practice. Cuddling with someone who smells like perfume feels amazing.

9. Being too judgmental

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While we have opinions for other people, men do not like girls who talk about other people. Men are of few words by nature. They do not like girls who meddle with other people’s lives.

10. Being fond of gossip

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It is a major turn-off for men when you gossip about other people. You do not know about the real story, so it is best to keep everything to yourself. It would be best to focus on yourself and growth.

11. Being too self-centered

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It is a big turn-off for men when you keep talking about yourself all the time. The world does not revolve around you at all. Men dislike it when you do not wait for them to appreciate you.

12. When you are being too loud

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Men generally dislike women who do not know how to compose themselves, most especially in public. They do not like those who do not know how to behave. Men like women who can show class and finesse.

13. Does not have basic etiquette

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It is a big red flag for men when you do not have the right manners. When you are rude to other people, that is a turn- off for them. They do not expect a perfect woman, but having the right attitude is a big factor.

14. When you are materialistic and demanding

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Men despise women who demand material things to them. They are not a cash cow for you to do that. They have needs for themselves too. A man would appreciate a woman who does work hard to afford the things that she wants.

15. Dishonesty

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Men love women who can be really honest with them. They dislike women who lie to them to save their ass. They would appreciate you to be transparent with them no matter what.

16. When you don’t have plans for yourself

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Men love women who have goals for themselves. They love women who do something for their dreams. They love women who have the drive to achieve greater things in life. For them, it is a major turn-off when you cannot do something for yourself without depending on other people.

17. Being too attention seeker

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Men do not like women who are too clingy to them. They do not like when someone wants their attention all the time. They totally hate it when their partners keep on asking where they are. They dislike it when you want updates from time to time when they are away to address important matters.

18. Being emotionally unstable

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Men dislike women with trust issues. Women who can’t handle their emotions very well is a turn-off for them. They are not your therapist to make you feel better about yourself all the time. You have to be emotionally prepared when you engage in a relationship.

19. Being insecure with other girls

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Any man will not like an insecure woman. If someone does not feel secure with herself, that will create issues in the relationship. If you are battling issues with yourself, how can you give the best version of yourself to someone?

20. Being too fickle-minded

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Men do not like when you are very indecisive on things. You have to make up your mind most especially if you are asking for their time and help. They dislike when you cancel plans last minute, and they already prepare for it.

21. When you cannot get along with the important persons of his life

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If you can’t get along with his friends and family, that is a turn-off for him. If he wants to settle down with you, it will not work if you can’t have a good relationship with them. Men want peace in the family.

22. Being too serious on everything

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Men want to have chill and fun sometimes. They hate it when you can’t take a joke. They feel bad if you can’t get along with them and poke fun with each other. You have to loosen up a bit because life is too short, making everything a big deal.

Men know that you have flaws because they are imperfect like you too. But you have to work on making yourself better. You have to change the ways that are not good for your growth. Always be better than yesterday.

Written by Dwarozh

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

– Henry Ward Beecher


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  1. Also, a few other things…being punctual, on a schedule. IF the lady does cook often, a man tends to expect her come home for dinner. Men & Women both like to be organized on alotta things like clothing put where they can find what they need, pencil & paper…now in my experience I leave my guys tools alone but I try to be mindful as to where he places em in case he forgets where a hammer or a certain wreck or socket may be. Anywho, Ain’t love grand. Haha..Love: 1 of the most painful pleasures & pleasurable pains!

  2. First of all I would like to address that you’ve made several mistakes on this list, but there are 3 big ones that really irritates me. I will start this of by saying that no one can help if they are indecisive, emotionally unstable ( unless you mean in an abusive manner ), and insecure.
    There is a reason for everything and if your s/o can’t stand you being emotionally unstable, insecure, and indecisive then they are NOT the one for you.
    Those were just 3 of your mistakes on these articles, if someone loves you they love all your flaws and understands how and why you act the way you do.

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