29 Incredible Transformations From Beautiful To Hot

Body transformations through a workout and a healthy lifestyle

ALL bodies are beautiful, and I don’t say this as a cliche! But do you know which body is the most beautiful? The healthy one. It doesn’t matter if you’re slim, thick, curvy, tall, short… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
Going through different phases in life, we might feel the need for a change. Living a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal of having a healthy mind and body.

Viral Strange has collected 29 pictures of women who worked hard to transform themselves, not only in physical shape but also in mental state.

1. F/30/5’4″ [284lbs > 144lbs= 140lbs] All-natural weight loss from December 2019 till now using Calorie deficit and strength training.

2. F/22/5’10” [291lbs > 191lbs = 100lbs] (2 years) I have been very quiet about my weight loss thus far, but today is huge. I have officially lost 100 pounds. I still cringe at the before and criticize the after, but I am so proud. Today I made my impossible my reality and so can you.

3. F/32/5’6” [320lbs >180lbs =140lbs] four years from when I started my journey. I’m so fricken proud of myself!

4. F/26/5’4″ [220 > 134 = 86lbs](4 years) I haven’t posted an update in a while, really happy with how I’m looking!

5. [220>140=80] 4 years difference, have been in maintenance for about 2 years and now focusing on building muscle

6. [167lbs > 137lbs = 30lbs] 2 years of learning to lift HEAVY and love myself 🙂 <3

7. [190lbs>145lbs=45lbs] Reminder that it’s never too late to get your mental health right, remember who you are, and find yourself again.

8. After a year of maintaining and focusing on my fitness goals rather than weight, my body is still changing!


9. Go, girl!

10. [186 > 111 = 75lbs loss] no words man, I just feel proud

11. [220 < 132 = 88 pounds] almost done you guys

12. [148 > 117 = 31lbs] I FINALLY HIT MY GOAL WEIGHT! (And beat it by 3lbs) just at the end of my 5-month mark. Looks like 6 months will be continuing to get some gainzzzz 🙂

13. [92kg>54kg=38kg] face gains

14. [210lbs > 160lbs = 50lbs] Caloric deficit progress

15. [235lbs > 120lbs = 115lbs] A little over a year of progress- I don’t even recognize myself sometimes!!

16. I stopped eating out for every meal and started cooking at home. I try to get in a movement of some sort every day.

17. [150>128 = 22 lbs] 2 ish years difference

18. [230>148=82lbs] Maintained for two years! Getting my loose skin removal surgery in two months as an early 30th birthday gift to myself!

19. [190>127 = -63] can’t believe the leg difference!

20. [187 > 130 = 57 lbs] Not to be dramatic but weight lifting changed my life.

21. [287>147= 140lbs] The size of my natural waist still shocks me

22. [270>145 = 125lbs loss] It took me four years (with a few weight gain setbacks) but I FINALLY REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT!

23. [284 > 127 = 157lbs lost] (21 months) thought I was done losing, but dropped another 10 pounds this month!

24. [160ish > 142 = 18ish lbs] (3 months) just a good reminder to myself why I will never drink again. The most noticeable progress isn’t physical.

25. [137 to 112.8 = 24.2 lbs] prepping for my very first show. I just remember seeing the picture on the left for the first time and feeling overwhelming sadness. My mental health is much better, and I’m just really proud of the progress I’ve made. Both physically and mentally

26. [257->149=108 lbs] Only 5 more pounds to go and feeling better than ever!

27. [203lbs>118lbs=85lbs] changing my nutrition and sticking to it was the best decision of my life

28. [226 lbs > 123 lbs = 103 lbs] Had gained about 50 back during the beginning of Covid and am finally back down to my lowest weight ever

29. [207lbs > 145lbs = 62lbs] 365 days of calorie deficit!

Do you feel motivated enough to start a change in your current lifestyle? What would your main challenge in the journey be? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Dadadel

Adelaida, the founder of Dadadel Creative, boasts a multifaceted background, blending expertise in software engineering, copywriting, and digital marketing. Prior to establishing her agency, she honed her skills as the former Head of the News Department at a regional media outlet, and also amassing 18 years of experience as a host. She has a penchant for sarcasm, a passion for lifestyle topics, and an undeniable love for cats.

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    • One photo the nose on one is a roman nose, the other more petite, and one nr the bottom her neck is much longer so photoshopped? as some other are, there was one going around the girl had a huge tat on her side? the after one, well blow me sown the huge tattoo had gone, amazing!!

  1. VERY inspirational. When I was 21 I lost 100 lbs……but put it all back on after I had my son. I’m an emotional eater…..and I’m older now (62). I need willpower! Ugh….yeah life is still cuckoo!

  2. Im needing some suggestions for health purposes plus I have neuropathy on one of my legs and I need to lose a lot more I believe that might help take the pain off of my leg and my knee and hip I am 16 4 lb and I need to go down to 20 at least or even more what is the name of the diet or what people are doing need help please and thank you

  3. The majority looked better before…4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 17, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 all looked better before. The after shots of these looked like they have a serious illness. Maybe it’s just me….🤷🏽

  4. I need to reduce my weight for health reasons and yes so I can get into smaller size clothes but mostly my health. My husband always says I’m beautiful even when I don’t feel it and I love him dearly but I need help on this journey. Exercise isn’t easy for me as I have fibromyalgia and hyper mobility syndrome and being in pain and fatigue is not an option so how do I get over this hurdle? When I look on line at you beautiful ladies and see the achievements you have made it makes me so happy and I see that I can achieve those goals too and then other times I feel like I’ll never get there….. I’m 51 and have a lot of life ahead of me with a gorgeous loving husband, a son I adore 🥰 and lots of incredible projects that are underway, I NEED A HEALTHY AZITA HEARTLY ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Good Morning, Azita. I started May 2022. I’m 59. 5’6”. I’ve lost 30lbs. Started at 233lbs. Goal 145lbs for now. Let’s see when I get there. It’s a mental state that you put yourself in. You tell yourself that your changing your nutrition intake to become healthy for the rest of your life. You try different things to find what works best for you. I started with keto. Went to Healthy Keto. Because I’m a meat eater and love veggies. That’s mainly where I try to stay, but I still have bread/s and sweets, just not all the time. My hardest learning curve was weighing in every day, (lesson from NOOM). They teach you not to hate the Scale, but to use it as a helpful guide. I have a Body Cardio. It measures weight, heart rate, BMI, fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass, water mass, vascular age, and tells me what the weather is for the day. Synergy Wellness Cntr. is helping me now with B12& Lipo Shots

    • Nutrition is 80% exercise is 20%-and you can’t out exercise a bad diet. Also-carbs are not bad-our bodies actually need them-just like it needs fat and protein-the trick is finding your macros for your body and then balancing them with healthy foods-I can tell you from experience doing fad diets like keto are great while you’re in them but the second you go back to eating normal, the weight comes right back. It’s better to do it right and slow and re-train your brain and body how to eat properly and healthy-this is also the best way to go if you have any sort of autoimmune disease or health issue-your body with thank you in the long run for doing it the proper healthy way and not taking short cuts…not saying anything is wrong with short cuts-and they might work for some in the long run-but for many that isn’t the case-and this isn’t me judging-I’m just sharing my opinion/experiences.

  5. Seriously you all look great. Well done too one and all to your very very very hard work and dedication to making you look and feel better about one self and get a rain of your mental health which is the most important thing. Good for you’se. Clap clap clap your heads

    • You get the plan for free, right now. Carbohydrates are the problem. Reduce your intake or cut them out of your diet altogether. Keep in mind your body needs to burn externally consumed calories on a daily basis. Calories reduction, sugar reduction, and trans fats removed from your diet helps immensely. We drink Ensure or Boost as meal supplements. We also drink Naked brand juices like Green and Blue Machine as a meal supplement. I lost 45 lbs in 65 days by cutting out bread, added sugars, and heavy trans fat foods. It takes some discipline to not go for the burgers, pizza and fries which we all love, but in order to maintain your’s health it is necessary. I feel better than when I was a big fatty, and I can tell I am healthier just by the way I feel. Don’t pay for information on how to shed that discusting fat off your’ body. Just remember, no carbs, very little sugar especially refi

  6. It’s funny how we all see people and things so differently! Congrats to all of you beautiful ladies on accomplishing your goals! That being said, I actually prefer the before pictures! So always make your decisions on weight loss based on how YOU see yourself! Being thin is most ladies dream/goal because that’s what they have been conditioned to believe is beautiful and healthy. If being thin is what you want, then go for it! Just don’t let our social media controlled society tell you that is how you should look. Eat a balanced diet, exercise often ,enjoy life! Find the person that you want to see when you look in the mirror! I promise there’s someone out there that sees the same thing when they look at you!