“She’s posessed”, Doja Cat’s Outfit at the Grammys Sparks Outrage

Doja Cat avoided the “who are you wearing” question by tattooing designer Dilara Findikoglu’s name in a Gothic font on her forehead at the Grammys 2024.

Doja Cat made a bold and memorable statement at the recent event, donning a sheer strapless dress that not only showcased her fashion sense but also highlighted an array of temporary tattoos strategically placed across her body. Her outfit sparked outrage online, with even some assuming “she’s been possesed for a while now”.

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Among these tattoos was a striking Gothic cathedral chest piece, displaying intricate details that added a touch of avant-garde flair to her ensemble. The dress itself was a masterpiece, featuring a lace-up back, corset boning, and skillful draping that accentuated her silhouette with an artistic touch.

Adding to her avant-garde style, Doja Cat accessorized her look with a pair of trendy, librarian-style Prada glasses, providing a playful juxtaposition to the boldness of her outfit. Red peep-toe pumps, teased earlier on her Instagram, matched her vibrant red lip, creating a cohesive and eye-catching aesthetic.

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Her jewelry choices included diamond cross necklaces, silver sword earrings, and an assortment of rings, contributing to the overall edgy and eclectic vibe she effortlessly exuded.

As the night unfolded, Doja Cat decided to switch things up, covering her cropped blonde hair with an army green snapback, showcasing her versatility in style. While her fashion choices were attention-grabbing, it was her irreverent take on designer credits that truly stood out. With the designer’s name tattooed on her forehead in a Gothic font, Doja Cat playfully sidestepped the conventional red carpet question of “who are you wearing?”

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Yet, the bold move did not end there. Doja Cat, always a provocateur, opted to push the boundaries further by revealing a sliver of each areola. This daring choice not only turned heads on the red carpet but also raised questions about how the Federal Communications Commission would respond to potential nudity during the broadcast of the Grammys.

Written by Telha

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