Your Character According to Your Sitting Style

sitting position

Psychologist now a days are looking deeper into our daily behaviors to see if our characters can be seen through them. One of the most crucial things that can tell a lot about your character is your sitting style, here’s some popular sitting style and what can they mean:

VIRAL Strange collected for you 5 Characters According to Sitting Style.


Number 1:

# These type of people are mostly more innovative and talented people.
# They can affect people emotions easily
# They don’t think long enough about their decisions which can be troublesome often.
# They are adventurous and they are ready to try any crazy adventures.
# They can easily build a friendship with anyone and they end their relations quicker than average.

Number 2:

# They are very imaginary
# They often lose themselves in their imaginations
# They are social, they build friendship easily
# They are running away quickly from those people that they don’t like
# They are good listeners

# They care about their emotions more than others.

Number 3:

# They are clumsy
# They are having trouble to collect themselves
# Their mind is always busy
# They sometimes talk without thinking too much about it
# They get bored soon
# They don’t pay close attention to their surroundings

# They are beloved
# They get bored in their relation too quickly and they always need someone to support them

Number 4:

# They are smart
# They are more logical
# They fulfill their promises
# They dress stylishly
# They organize their home well
# They are secret keepers
# They are honest
# They keep calm and don’t react too quickly

Number 5 :

# They care about their goals
# They appreciate their career
# They always look for more
# They set good priorities

# They always plan for everything even their relation life
# They are perfectionist
# They care about their appearance
# They keep seeking to achieve more of their goals

Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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