Airline Kicks Woman Deemed ‘Flight Risk’ Off Plane

An airline takes action, deeming a woman a ‘flight risk’ and removing her from a plane. Discover the controversy.

An airline faces scrutiny as a woman alleges “absolutely insane” treatment. They deemed her a “flight risk” at first glance, denying her boarding. Do you think their actions were justified?

Helen Taylor and her husband, David, anticipated a pleasant trip to Rome, but their plans took an unexpected turn at Newcastle International Airport in England. During boarding, Helen, who has type 2 diabetes and was experiencing menopausal symptoms, faced scrutiny from a Jet2 flight attendant, deeming her a flight risk unfit to fly.

Despite boarding without incident, Helen urgently needed to use the restroom mid-flight. Assured it was acceptable, she left her seat. However, upon her return, a flight attendant noticed something amiss about Helen’s demeanor, as reported by the New York Post.

Airline Kicks Woman

Helen Taylor, feeling a bit dizzy and sweaty, caught the attention of an air stewardess. Explaining her condition due to not eating and her type 2 diabetes, Helen assured her she’d be fine after water. Despite this, the crew member wasn’t convinced. Helen recalls, The air stewardess saw and asked, ‘Are you alright?’  I said, ‘I am perfectly fine, I had just eaten after not eating all day and I have type 2 diabetes, so it is just my blood sugars releveling. All I need is to sit down and have a drink of water and I will be perfectly fine.’”

Despite Helen’s explanation of her menopausal symptoms causing her discomfort, the flight attendant remained adamant. After about 10 minutes, they were informed that Helen couldn’t fly, labeled a “flight risk” by the airline.

Helen, a health and social care teacher, spent $3,500 on her trip. The news was devastating, especially since the captain deemed her fit to fly but allowed the crew to escort her off. Feeling humiliatedshe and her husband were led through the airport, forced to surrender duty-free items, and questioned by border control before leaving.

Airline Kicks Woman

While the airline may have aimed to prevent in-flight medical emergencies, Helen found the ordeal ridiculous. She criticized the airline’s decision, arguing that cabin crew, lacking medical expertise, shouldn’t have authority. Helen’s experience sheds light on the complexity of passenger rights and airline protocols.

Despite concerns for Helen’s health, she claimed no care was provided during her journey. Allegedly, there was no medical or mobility aid during disembarkation or at the airport, leading to the airline’s judgment of her inability to fly. They didn’t provide any medical or mobility assistance getting off the plane, on the tarmac, or going through the airport, Helen alleged. Or any assistance with the bags. And, this is when they said I am unfit to fly.”

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Initially defending its stance, the airline later offered the Taylors a refund. A spokesperson stated the decision prioritized customer health and safety, After liaising with independent medical aviation specialists, our crew took this decision as the health, wellbeing, and safety of our customers is always our first priority. However, after investigating further as a matter of absolute priority, we have been in touch with Ms. Taylor to apologize and to refund her holiday as a gesture of goodwill.”

Helen Taylor’s frustration is understandable. Yet, an airline must prioritize preventing mid-air medical emergencies, given the limited resources. Mistakes happen, but hindsight offers clarity. What’s the plan when foresight isn’t an option?

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