Ashley Graham Stopped Breastfeeding Twins at 5 Months

Model Ashley Graham shares why she decided to stop breastfeeding her twins at 5 months old. Learn more here.

Ashley Graham, one of the most relatable models and public figures, has made it her mission to spread the body positivity message. Throughout her pregnancies and now as a mom to a boy and twin babies, Graham believes that every mother has the right to choose whether breastfeeding is right for them, regardless of societal expectations.

Ashley Graham
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During a recent interview, Graham spoke candidly about the common yet often unspoken consequences of pregnancy. While acknowledging her initial hesitation to share too much, the model ultimately opened up about her experience: “Especially with how your body is changing when you’re pregnant, and stretchmarks, and the saggy skin, formula, breastfeeding. Cause there’s also this whole thing with people telling you how to feed your child.”

Ashley Graham
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She continued: “With my first kid, I was like, ’I can only breastfeed! This is the right way!’ Then I had the twins, and I was like, ’I’m not doing this. This is not working here. Both of you want both of these? This is a lot of work.’ So I stopped breastfeeding when they were 5 months, and I gave them the best formula that I could find… And these little guys are so strong and so happy.”

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According to Graham, the decision to breastfeed or use formula is a personal one for each mother based on her own experience. She emphasized this point by stating, “I don’t think we should be telling people how we should be feeding our kids.”

After giving birth, Ashley Graham shared her relatable physical struggles. She said, “Your body just fills up with nutrition, and the baby sucks it out of you. And then the baby comes out and all of a sudden you’re just fully depleted of everything, so your hair falls out, you get acne, I mean, the weight doesn’t come off.”

Ashley Graham
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Explaining her openness, Graham stated, “I like to represent myself as someone who’s just happy with who I am. And I had a journey, like, it is a journey, body confidence, being okay with who you are is a journey… I don’t ever want to lie.”

What are your thoughts on Ashley Graham’s decision to stop breastfeeding her twins at 5 months? Let us know in the comments.

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    • No moms milk – health problem later- this milk is the best “antibiotics, probiotics and vitamins bomb ever human can take” but people listen stupid celebrity….
      Celebrities can spread the silliest beliefs.

  1. For atleast 2-3 years a baby must be fed with mother’s breastmilk, even top pediatricians suggest that. It’s just sad how long we’ve come to an era where mom can’t even feed their own babies. Have we become so weak with all the comfort around? It seems like it.

  2. I think feeding twins for 5 mths is a huge feat.a mother has the right to choose how she feeds her babies. I had 3 and fed my 2 boys for 3 mths and my daughter for 5 mths.I did not feel comfortable anymore, my choice?This was back in 70’s I did have natural childbirth for them all.

  3. Breastfeeding helps prevent most forms of mental illnesses even some types of dementia…The breast milk is vital for the formation of any child’s brain cells that controls their development both physically and mentally …with the increasing level of young parents who intentionally refuses to breastfeed their babies, dementia will soon become not only for the old but also for the young!!!

  4. Her decision! Every mom has to make that decision at some point! Who are we to tell any Mom she can’t do that! If you have a problem with her decision get over yourself! They are her kids not yours!

  5. I believe that the choice she made is her own. She knows what she can do and cannot do. I also believe we have bigger issues to worry about in this this country then how this mother decides to feed her children. I just thank God she can feed them period. Because hunger is a big issue as well.

  6. I also breastfed twins. It took so much out of me. Not just nutrition, but severe sleep deprivation. That led to severe post partum. Sometimes we really do have to take care of the mother before she can be her best for her children. If that means bottle feeding, so be it.

  7. The whole article is about not telling women how to feed their babies, and then you close with “what do you think about her decision to stop breastfeeding at 5 months.” Did you even read what you wrote?

  8. As for me, I think it’s a blessing that God gave us to feed our babies that some of us ladies fort fortunately, can’t breast-feed and I am one of them when I had my son and my daughter I couldn’t breast-feed because they suffer from chronic anemia and until this day, my body doesn’t produce iron so I have to be getting liquid iron transfusion and blood transfusion as needed but I have my respects for the women ladies that can breast-feed their babies. That’s a blessing. God bless you all.

  9. I think that this question being asked is asinine. The article is about her choice & not weighing in w ones own opinion. Then to turn around & ask what all is strangers think is redundant to the article! Who cares what we think! Leave the woman alone. Let her live! Let her make her choices for her children! Dang!!

  10. I think it’s wonderful that she breastfed her twins. It’s best for them and the healing of a womans body to breast feed for the first year but she and the twins did get a lot of nutrition in the 5 month. Kudos to you Mom❤

  11. I like Ashley Graham and I think spreading body positivity is great, but she’s a mom now. I would think she would stop with the nude type of photos. Just my opinion. 😏

  12. Whatever she Wants. Its Her Body Her Kids…Its Really hard to Breastfeed. Your Breast’s get Soooo Sore they feel like Their going to Fall off…No Time to Heal Their Wanting to Eat All The Time !! Because Breast Milk isnt Filling Enough. So Chill Out People Unless you have Been There…OK !!!

    • Doesn’t make her poor , or look poor the baby is in fact getting nutitiona better than those who don’t. There’s alot of advantages breast feeding a baby. That you don’t get and it’s really good for the mother as well as the baby … There’s no added vitamins or added sugars n sweeteners it’s just all there what mother eats nothing is man made which can be harmful to the baby a baby would never be without , can’t say she ever would run out of milk ” ooowwwww better nip to shop “. Coz it wouldn’t happen

    • I breastfeed twins myself. Also stopped at 5 months. I also supplemented formula while breastfeeding. Yes, it takes a lot out of the mother, left feeling depleted. But, the best for the babies.
      I fed one baby at a time tho !!! But,
      This picture of her feeding both at the same time is, l am sure not how she did every 2-3 hours. Breast only let down Milk every 5mins, then switch breasts to continue nursing. Otherwise it’s only a pacifier so to speak. Average feeding per baby is at least 30mins.

    • Also, as stated above… I breastfed first, then also fed formula after about (1-2oz) For iron… In formula, since we three were low in lron. My babies had no problem switching from breast to bottle.
      As preemies, 4 weeks early, they grew & put on weight wonderfully this way. Now they are 37yrs.

    • Well, we ARE mammals serving up milk for our babies! The photo is realistic, and I admire Ashley for NOT trying to “pretty it up”! Personally, I admire the courage it takes to be REAL.

  13. Good decision maam,.. Breastfeeding two babies are difficult,.. . Even a single one is not easy to handle,.. What more two,.. Theirs no wrong to shop breastfeeding your babies,.. It the mother who will decide not other people,..goodluck with your family,.. Stay happy… Love lots miss Ashley,..

  14. I breast fed my son for 6 months. I had to go back to work. I was a single Mom with no assistance. My Baby did just fine with formula. You do what you have to do sometimes. Nobody’s business but your own. 🤷‍♀️

  15. Breast feeding for 5-6 months is good. You have covered them with the important elements to grow, protected the baby until their on immune system is functioning,you bonded and love them unconditionally. You do what is best for you. Happy Mothers make happy Babies. Unconditional love, education, socializing and family. Including fighting for gun reform and freedoms for Women to controls their reproductive system. Enjoy these babies, they grow up so fast.♥️♥️☺️

  16. I agree with this Mum. I could not breastfeed my first baby. The deliver should have been a cesarean delivery. My baby was bigger than my body Fram. I had 4th degree lacerations, the doctor said I was bleeding out. He place a sponge inside me and forgot it. I had so much pain and a massive infection. I had to go on heavy duty antibiotics so I was not able.

  17. This is so untrue. I have 3 kids and by far the only one I didn’t breastfeed is the one with the least amount of health problems and never gets sick. Mom’s milk was made naturally for babies but it is your own choice..with your own kids. No one should tell you what or how to feed your babies. It’s your body.