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Ashley Graham’s Journey From Postpartum to Breastfeeding

The story of Ashley Graham embracing her motherhood journey, from a postpartum body to breastfeeding

According to a study, 45.6% of women had tokophobia. Tokophobia refers to the fear of childbirth. Many moms have anxiety during and after pregnancy. However, today we will write about the motherhood journey of Ashley Graham to help future moms know what to expect.

It is not easy to get used to the new body.

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Ashley Graham said she had body image issues related to the stretch marks and her new body. She shared her struggles in an episode of her digital series.

Memory issues and the baby brain…

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Some pregnant women suffer from pregnancy brain. Pregnancy brain means being inattentive and having memory issues. Ashley said that she forgot her mobile number during her pregnancy.

Gaining weight is normal!

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Ashley said that she did not care about gaining weight. She got 50 pounds during her first pregnancy. She embraced her new body!

Giving birth = Greatest strength

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Ashley gave birth to her first child on March 8. She said that giving birth was her greatest strength. She also added: “We are also strong, powerful, and capable of accomplishing greatness.”

Ashley gave birth naturally.

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Graham talked about her home birth experience in an episode of Pretty Big Deal. She said that she felt “invincible”. Ashley claimed: “I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.”

Post-pregnancy is tough.

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Ashley admitted that recovery after childbirth is tough. She also mentioned that she did not expect to be in diapers too.

Motherhood can be a total mess.

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Ashley shared with her Instagram followers her messy life after giving birth. She wants to normalize that the mind and body go through changes.

No shame when breastfeeding in public!

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Ashley has done many snapshots while breastfeeding in public to normalize this natural practice.

Postpartum pressure…

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Ashley Graham said that the pressure to bounce back to “normal” life after giving birth is nonsensical. Ashley repeated positive mantras and affirmations to help her embrace her new body and lifestyle.

What was your main struggle during/after pregnancy? Share your story with us in the comment section.

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