Celebrity Fakes Her Own Death, Gets Slammed Online

Indian actress Poonam Pandey pretended to be dead to bring attention to cervical cancer awareness. Despite facing criticism on social media, she defended her unconventional approach to raising awareness.

Indian actress and model Poonam Pandey has clarified that reports of her death were fabricated, revealing that her Instagram message claiming she had passed away was intended to raise awareness about cervical cancer.



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Initially, a post on February 2nd suggested that she had succumbed to the illness, urging privacy during a period of mourning. However, Pandey debunked these rumors by sharing a video on February 3rd proving that she was indeed alive.



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Subsequently, she has utilized her social media platform to promote awareness of cervical cancer. Despite her intentions, Pandey has faced criticism for her decision to stage her death, with some accusing her of breaching trust and trivializing the severity of the disease. One commenter expressed concern about the possibility of the incident being a publicity stunt rather than a genuine effort to raise awareness about health issues.


Following Pandey’s revelation that she was alive, another individual called for her arrest, labeling the entire episode as a dramatic publicity stunt.

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