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Before-And-After/ Models Share Their Weight Gain Journeys

Stories of models who gained weight and promoted self-love with their before-and-after pictures

Viral Strange has brought part two with 10 stories ( part one) of models that have shared their weight gain experiences.

1. Liza Golden-Bhojwani

Instagram | @lizagoldenreal

Liza started eating healthy after she fainted while preparing for New York Fashion Week.

“I have gained around 30-35 pounds (I don’t exactly how much. I don’t weigh myself anymore.) AND I am a much happier human being mentally.”

Instagram | @lizagoldenreal

“Healthy looks different on everyone & it’s important to embrace your own shape and size. You’ll be much happier!” she said in an Instagram post.

2. Lauren O’Leary

Lauren O’Leary

From an early age, Lauren had an eating disorder, and later she suffered from malnutrition.

After her recovery, she said: “I feel like it’s just such a different experience altogether. I’m so much more confident now with who I am and where I’m at.”

Lauren O’Leary

3. Marciel Hopkins

Instagram | @marcielhopkins

Marciel Hopkins had many restrictions on her diet to have her 2015 body.

“I remember how many issues I had about my body when I was younger and how much joy and peace it stole from me,” she wrote in another post.

Instagram | @marcielhopkins

“I am grateful to walk in truth now knowing my weight and shape does not determine my value as a person.”

4. Charli Howard

Instagram | @charliehoward

Charli Howard suffered from an eating disorder, alongside anxiety and depression.

Instagram | @charliehoward

She keeps motivating and influencing her followers toward a healthy lifestyle, while she shares her experience.

5. Nathalia Novaes

Instagram | @novaesnat

Nathalia celebrated her 3 years of recovery by saying: “No matter where you are on your journey … love your body today! Nothing justifies us not feeling comfortable in our own bodies.”

6. Maeve Madden

Instagram | @maeeve_madden

Maeve Madden is a fitness model and influencer. She posted about her weight gain writing that it can actually make you stronger.

Instagram | @maeeve_madden

“3 Years in the difference from skinny to strong. Maybe you would think twice about commenting on another person’s weight.

7. Amie Wiley

Instagram | @amie_wiley

Amy had a full transformation. She posted on Instagram about her journey, explaining that the solution to her body issues was to eat more.

Instagram | @amie_wiley

“I get so many questions on here from people asking me for tips on how to put on weight and the simple answer is: eat more, lift more, sleep more.”

Amie Wiley

8. Victoria Niamh Spence

Instagram | @victorianiamh

Victoria struggled with anorexia. That was her life before she started working hard to change her mindset about food and her body.

Instagram | @victorianiamh

“I’ve learned that I am not defined by my body or food & health and happiness has nothing to do with my size. I’ve learned that a bad relationship with food has nothing to do with food, you always need to look a little deeper.”

Instagram | @victorianiamh

“And, I’ve learned that being ‘in control’ isn’t having everything planned out, it’s actually just feeling ok with freedom and allowing life to just happen. Trusting that your mind & body will align and lead you to make the right choices at the moment.”

9. Bridget Malcolm

Instagram | @bridgetmalcolm

Bridget is a former Victoria Secret’s Angel. She shared her struggles with her body image.

Instagram | @bridgetmalcolm

“I deleted all the gym selfies from my Instagram, and all of the ‘progress’ shots from my phone. Basically, I wanted no point of reference more of a time when I was smaller, or larger. I just wanted to stop looking in mirrors and telling myself that I was ‘too fat’ and ‘not doing enough.'”

Instagram | @bridgetmalcolm

“I looked at my life, and I realized through obsessing over my body I was selecting the easy path. I was choosing to focus on externality, and ignoring the larger picture. I was choosing the ego path. There are far bigger fish to fry in the world than your thigh size.”

10. Emma O’Neill

Instagram | @emlouisefitness

Emma O’Neill is a model and fitness trainer. She wrote on her social media: “I was so unconfident in myself and had unhealthy relationships with food. I never EVER could have imagined that I’d be able to change my body (and my mindset) the way I have, genuinely.”

Instagram | @emlouisefitness

“You don’t need to be perfect or even NEAR perfect to achieve your goals and transform you body/life. Sure, you do have to work hard. But I promise you can still mess up, eat the things you love, miss your gym sessions and be a normal human, too. Fitness and health should be a fun addition to your life, rather than the whole of it.”

What’s your relationship with your eating habits? Share your experience in the comments.

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