These ‘pee stain denim’ designer jeans cost $800

The unorthodox Jordanluca jeans, featuring a groin-area stain reminiscent of wetness, sparked controversy and sold out online, earning them the moniker “pee stain denim” amidst a wave of online criticism and skepticism.

The denim design wasn’t accidental, despite resembling a mishap while worn. The unorthodox Jordanluca jeans, first showcased on the fall/winter 2023 runway, sport a dark stain in the groin area, prompting critics to liken it to a wet patch.

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These jeans from the British-Italian menswear brand are now sold out online, with a lighter wash variant discounted to $608 from its original $811. However, the internet preserves their images indefinitely.

Dubbed “pee stain denim” due to online backlash, the jeans have sparked varied reactions.

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“No more waiting for the bathroom; you can just p–s yourself and say it’s the design,” quipped one individual, as reported by The Sun.

Others questioned the choice: “Why would anyone wear this?” and “So f–king stupid,” commented additional users.

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The denim piece marked the opening of the label’s fall/winter 2023 runway at Milan Fashion Week, introducing a new wave of sex appeal for the brand, which was founded in 2018 by Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto.

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