Hair Transformations: 23 People Who Decided to Grow Their Hair

Explore stunning hair transformations: 23 individuals before and after growing their hair. Witness incredible changes!

Hair transformations showcase the impressive journey of individuals in this compilation. Growing hair poses numerous challenges, spanning months and sometimes years, to achieve desired results. With a clear goal, however, success becomes attainable.

1. “Grew my hair out for the first time last year.”

Hair Transformations
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2. “Shaved my head 2.5 years ago and I haven’t cut it since!”

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3. “My hair journey over the years”

Hair Transformations
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4. “How it started to how it’s been in 1-year intervals — this is the result of a routine of Curlsmith shampoo and moisturizer since year 1 of growth.”

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5. “Before and after 4 years of growth”

Hair Transformations
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6. “Third time cutting my hair short, third time going through the painfully slow process of growing it back out. One year and 3 months of growth!”

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7. “Shaved my head 2 years ago, been growing it for 18 months!”

Hair Transformations
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8. “January 2020 vs January 2021”

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9. “Practicing my braiding skills on my son’s hair”

Hair Transformations
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10. “10 months of growing out my hair and even through all the negative criticism from others, I’m happy about it and proud of my strong/silky hair, so I’m sharing it here.”

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11. “Keep smiling, friends!”

Hair Transformations
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12. “Didn’t think my hair would turn out ok without either curling or straightening my hair. Just messy waves…”

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13. “Freshly washed. I’m 5’10 for reference. I know, I know, I need the ends cut off!”

Hair Transformations
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14. “The photo on the left was 5/18/19, the photo on the right is present day. I can finally put it in a proper ponytail. Just took 718 days, but who’s counting.”

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15. “I’ll keep growing it until I’m tired of it.”

Hair Transformations
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16. “Can’t decide if I want to keep my long(ish) hair or go back to short! My hair is naturally thick and curly/wavy.”

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17. “I used to be addicted to hair dye. Now it’s been 4 years since my last dye and 2 years since my last drastic short cut. This is my natural and much healthier long blond wavy hair.”

Hair Transformations
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18. “3 years of progress after chopping all my hair off.”

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19. “4 years apart”

Hair Transformations
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20. “Recently dyed my hair and it’s looking super shiny. Still trying for that belly button length!”

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21. “I’ve been growing my hair for about 10 years and I get asked a ton of questions about how I keep my hair so healthy. Thinking about making a vlog about my hair care routine.”

Hair Transformations
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22. “Having a good hair day.”

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23. “6 months apart. Grew my hair too!”

Hair Transformations
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Written by Shko Faraj Agha

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