Woman flew over 1,500 miles to meet man she’s been talking online, gets ghosted

A woman flew over a thousand miles to meet a man she’d been conversing with online for three years, only for him to stand her up, leaving her to cover the expenses and vowing to focus solely on her career thereafter, despite initially believing he was genuine after years of daily communication and shared interests.

“A woman flew 1,151 miles to meet a man she’d been talking to online for three years – but he never showed up and ghosted her. River Blake, 23, flew cross-country from Lafayette, Louisiana, US, to Rapid City, South Dakota, with a one-way ticket to meet her ‘date’.

River Blake / SWNS

She says the eight-hour flight was paid for by her date – but after he didn’t show, River was forced to pay $1,290 to cover the cost of overnight accommodation and a last-minute ticket home for the following day.

River Blake / SWNS

River hasn’t spoken to him since and vows only to focus on her career from now on. River, a model, from Lafayette, New Orleans, said: “I spent three to four hours at the airport running in circles – and when I realized he wasn’t coming to get me, I left.

“I booked a Hilton for two nights, met a nice guy through a friend, and he showed me the city. “It definitely still hurts – it really rubbed me up the wrong way – but at least I got to do some sightseeing.”

River’s date first slid into her DMs in 2019 – saying he’d spotted her modeling work and thought she was ‘beautiful’.

River Blake / SWNS

They both had a lot in common – including a passion for truck shows and working in social media full-time – giving them plenty to talk about. Despite living in different states, the pair spoke almost every day for five years and had lots of mutual friends – leading River to believe he was the real deal.”

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