British Man Allows Girlfriend’s Infidelity During Work

An open-minded British man embraces his girlfriend’s freedom in an unconventional relationship. Learn more here.

The British man, who allows his wife to engage in relationships with other men while he’s away for work, asserts his contentment with the arrangement, emphasizing his active participation and denying it as infidelity.

Matt, a 36-year-old, welcomes Zoe, 31, sleeping with other men as it strengthens and enhances their relationship.

British Man

In an episode of the YouTube series Love Don’t Judge, Matt revealed an extraordinary level of trust in his relationship with Zoe. She openly shares details of her sexual encounters, including photos and videos.

He said to Zoe: “When you agreed to it, I was happy with it, because I’ve spoken to you previously – I’d been cheated on [before], so I was quite happy to find someone who wasn’t going to cheat behind my back. You’d send me pictures [and] videos. I ended up being involved in it [virtually] … It was like my own amateur porn.”

Although he experiences occasional moments of jealousy towards his girlfriend’s other partners, he perceives it as a positive emotion, confident in her unwavering return to him.

“I wouldn’t say I’d never be jealous. It’s quite a nice feeling, even though it’s jealousy. Because at the end of the day, you know you’re included, and you know you’re coming home to me,” he said.

In the video, the couple disclosed that Zoe’s involvement with other men led to her insistence on Matt engaging in one-night stands with women as well.

Now, the British man and Zoe explore swinging clubs together, selecting partners for brief, consensual sexual encounters.

Despite facing criticism and being labeled as unconventional, the couple’s unique bond is built on unwavering trust surpassing their past relationships.

“Many people think it’s a form of cheating but it’s not because I don’t do anything behind [Matt’s] back,” he said. “We hide nothing from each other – at all – because there’s no need. Like I say, there’s more trust in this relationship than I’ve had with all the others.”

They received a wide range of comments from viewers on YouTube.

British Man

“Back in the days we called this pimpin, or managing, he basically is pimping his girlfriend but through the trickery of wordplay it comes off new and hip and empowering and all the woke buzz words to veil whats actually going on,” one wrote.

“When you are in a relationship as a loving couple don’t cheat on any men or women,” a second said.

“That’s not her boyfriend, that’s her pimp,” a third added.

“What’s the point of being in a relationship then,” someone asked.

“People have no dignity these days, Loyalty is the most expensive gift don’t expect it from cheap people,” another wrote.

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Written by Igli Ismolli

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