Canadian Blogger Recreates Celebrity Outfits For Less Money

Canadian fashionista recreates celebrity outfits by spending less money. She usually finds her clothes in thrift stores.

A Canadian fashion blogger, Sheri Pavlovic, is well-known for her creative way of being stylish. She can recreate celebrity outfits by spending less money, and she shares her suggestions with her followers.

Sheri says that people can find everything in secondhand shops. She adds that if they want to look like their favorite celebrities, a bit of imagination puts together similar pieces.

“Secondhand fashion is a wonderfully affordable way to fill your wardrobe with the looks you love, and it’s also eco-friendly!” says the Canadian blogger. “Unfortunately, many people continue to think that the laundered clothing donated to swaps, thrift stores, and charity shops is somehow dirtier and less hygienic than a “brand new” garment that has traveled through many different factories, hands, and machines worldwide without being washed even once.”

(h/t: boredpanda)

1. $6 for the thrifted studded biker jacket, $1 for the cowl neck flannel shirt, $1 for the Betsey Johnson leggings, and $4 for the buckled biker boots (eBay).

canadian blogger

2. $3 for the thrifted plaid shirt and puffy vest.

3. $2 for the dress from a charity shop.

canadian blogger

4. $1 for the thrifted cozy leopard print coat, $1 for the patterned tights, and $1 for the most awesome shoes on the planet.

5. I had everything in my closet.

6. Again, I had everything in my closet.

7. Inherited 80’s suit.

canadian blogger

8. $3 for the thrifted jumpsuit.


9. Everything is found in my closet.

canadian blogger

10. DIY at home

11. $2 for the DIY tulle skirt fabric.

12. $1 for the thrifted blouse.

canadian blogger

13. Garments from my closet and clothing swap.

14. $2 for the thrifted top.

canadian blogger

15. Closet gems

16. Found in my closet

canadian blogger

17. $2 for the trousers from a charity shop.

18. I refashioned my trench coat with fabric paint and shoulder studs.

canadian blogger

19. $1 for the thrifted top.

20. $1top

canadian blogger

21. Everything is found in the closet, too.

22. Less money, more imagination.

canadian blogger

Which one of these outfits looks better? Do you shop in thrift stores, or do you prefer brand-new clothes? Tell us in the comments below.

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