Cheater: 14 Signs Your Partner Is One

Discover the telltale signs of a cheater. From suspicious behavior to hidden secrets, learn how to spot a cheating partner.

A cheater in a relationship is someone who deceives and betrays their partner’s trust by engaging in infidelity. Whether it’s emotional or physical, cheating can have devastating consequences on the bond between two people. It shatters the foundation of trust, creates emotional turmoil, and can leave long-lasting scars.

Understanding the dynamics and red flags associated with a cheater can help individuals navigate their relationships more cautiously and protect their hearts from potential heartbreak.

1. Emotional distance

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There’s an undeniable void that has emerged between you and your partner, and something feels amiss in your relationship. The dynamics have shifted, and the familiarity you once cherished seems distant. However, identifying the underlying cause of this disconnection proves elusive, leaving you searching for answers to bridge the gap and restore what once was.

2. Gut feeling

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Trusting your instincts in matters of the heart is crucial. Often, we tend to overthink or turn a blind eye to relationships. However, if your intuition signals something amiss, it’s vital to act upon it. Learning to listen and trust your inner voice can safeguard you from potential heartache and ensure your emotional well-being.

3. No more time-spending with you

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As of late, a noticeable change has occurred in your relationship. What was once a shared free time spent together has now transformed into a desire for diverse experiences with various individuals in unfamiliar settings. The feeling of losing him becomes apparent, and unfortunately, he is likely being drawn towards another person.

4. You feel left out

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You find yourself reduced to a mere observer in your relationship, devoid of any influence over your choices and actions. Once, they relied on your input for everything, but now it seems they no longer value your opinion or make you feel included in their decisions. The shift in dynamics leaves you feeling marginalized and excluded from the decision-making process that once defined your connection.

5. He pushes you to spend time with others

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Having a partner who supports your independence and allows you to enjoy time with friends is wonderful. However, it becomes concerning when your partner shows little interest in prioritizing your time and attention. Their lack of effort can raise suspicions and leave you questioning their commitment to the relationship.

6. Away at unusual hours

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As relationships grow stronger, a certain routine often forms between partners. But when that routine suddenly shifts, and your partner starts spending more time away from you, it’s a clear indication that something is amiss. Changes in behavior and increased distance could be signs of underlying issues that need to be addressed to maintain a healthy and thriving relationship.

7. He keeps secrets


When it comes to the time they spend away from you, a cheater exhibits an alarming level of secrecy. Their stories don’t align, and their alibis lack coherence and consistency. It becomes evident that they avoid conversations, fearing exposure and the risk of being caught in a web of lies. Their evasiveness raises suspicions, leaving you with a lingering sense of distrust.

8. He doesn’t open his phone when it rings

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When it comes to picking up phone calls, there’s a distinct difference in behavior between work-related calls and personal calls that raise suspicions. If your partner hesitates or avoids answering a personal call, especially from someone who shouldn’t be involved, it’s a clear indication that they cannot take that call in your presence. Is he a cheater? Well…

9. He doesn’t express his feelings anymore


Cheaters often avoid opening up about their true feelings because they fear being exposed. They know that sharing their emotions could lead to revealing their lies, causing them to be caught in their web of deception. This fear prevents them from letting their guard down and risking any slip-ups that could expose their unfaithfulness.

10. Anxiety is there when you’re with him

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In the realm of a relationship marred by suspicion and deceit, every moment spent together carries a palpable tension and anxiety. The looming presence of doubt creates an atmosphere where even the slightest misstep can trigger intense arguments. Both parties are acutely aware of the high stakes involved, further heightening the already strained tensions between them.

11. Drastic look changes

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When someone in a relationship undergoes a drastic change in their appearance, it can be a powerful symbol of their shifting emotions towards their partner and the relationship itself. Altering their look may indicate a desire to distance themselves or explore new avenues outside the committed partnership. This transformation can serve as a visible manifestation of the internal turmoil and potential detachment they are experiencing.

12. New female friend on the horizon


Having a close friend of the opposite sex is reasonable in a relationship. However, it becomes a concern when your partner invests more time and attention in that friend than in you. While maintaining friendships outside the relationship is healthy, it’s essential to strike a balance and ensure that your partner prioritizes your bond and dedicates sufficient quality time to nurturing your connection. Communication and setting boundaries can help you navigate this delicate dynamic and preserve the strength of your relationship.

13. He keeps encountering his exes

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When encountering their ex occasionally, it’s natural to brush it off, especially if you share social circles. But be cautious when your partner’s encounters with their “ex” become alarmingly frequent.  Something might be amiss, and it’s important to acknowledge that consistent rendezvous could indicate a problem. A cheater doesn’t mind going back.

14. He is overly critical of you

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They begin to emphasize the negative aspects of your personality, deliberately focusing on your imperfections. Their goal is to undermine your self-worth and confidence, aiming to prove that you are far from the amazing person you believe yourself to be. By tearing down your ego, they seek to diminish your sense of worth and diminish your confidence.

We truly hope your partner is not a cheater, but have you encountered any of these signs? If yes, which? Tell us in the comments.

Written by Awat Dhahir

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