Find out if your partner is cheating from your home WiFi network

Manipulating their household Wi-Fi configurations might be leading couples to disconnect. A TikTok observer has divulged a technological hack capable of unveiling a partner’s online activities and digital interests, sparking curiosity and concern among amateur investigators seeking insights.

Tinkering with their home Wi-Fi configurations might lead couples to experience connectivity issues. A TikTok observer has revealed a tech tip capable of illuminating a partner’s internet habits and online pursuits, stirring curiosity and suspicion among amateur detectives in search of answers. Abby Paige, known for sharing insights into relationship dynamics on the popular social media platform, sparked conversation with a brief video titled “When their phone is always hidden but they’re connected to your WiFi.”

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This intriguing post garnered over 500,000 views, prompting numerous curious individuals to seek clarification from Paige. In a subsequent video, Paige mentioned her discovery involving the “Manage People” feature on her Xfinity Wi-Fi app, inadvertently stumbled upon during her exploration.

According to the company, this feature allows users to create individual profiles for each household member, tracking their online activities to some extent. Specifically, it records users’ “active time,” monitoring their online presence and duration for up to a week prior. Additionally, the app can display a user’s most frequently accessed social media platforms, such as Instagram or X.


However, despite potentially revealing red flags like frequent late-night usage, the feature lacks the capability to track a person’s browsing history through the router or modem, as confirmed by an Xfinity representative in a blog post. Accessing someone’s computer remains the only method for such detailed scrutiny.

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