9 Things Men Usually Do If They Are Cheating You With Another Girl

Different things that will tell you if your man has a side chick.

First, before we proceed with this article we have to say that a healthy relationship with the right person does not come to a moment where you feel great jealousy or disbelieve in your partner. Because this will not happen if you are with the right person, feeling unwanted, betrayed unlistened, and unloved are something that belongs to a broken relationship and you are definitely with the wrong person.

We at Viral Strange made this article for you people out there that need some kind of support to get rid of your unhealthy relationships or to let go of those cheaters that made you feel bad about your life.

1. He always blames you.

This is such a cliche because he doesn’t like when you are informed about his doings and he doesn’t want to be asked about the truth. He will blame you all to make you feel like it is your fault about all of this and will try to reverse the conversation in his favor and will attack you making you feel like you are the one under investigation.

2. As a female you have your instincts that will tell when something is feeling wrong.

When you are in a relationship with someone you became part of his life and you already anything about him and what he does and what he likes, trust me you will smell it in the air when something is not going right because your instincts will tell you so. Believe them and stay aware because there was a reason to make your instincts go on.

3. He tries to hide his phone and social media accounts

The one who is clean and honest doesn’t have anything to hide from you and will not try to do so because he is sure about his love for you and about what he does. If he hides his phone or Instagram from you is because he doesn’t want you to investigate what is going on. Remember the right one doesn’t care to hide anything from you.

4. He starts being nicer than usual to compensate for his feelings of guilt.

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Although he is doing something wrong and bad he still has his mind intact and that will make him feel guilty a little bit about what he is doing, and to get this burden off of himself he will try to compensate it with extra care and good actions towards you. You will notice it right away because you know him and how he likes to behave.

5. He tries to distance you more and more

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If he’s having an affair he will try to distance you more and more both emotionally and physically, also he will start to not express to you anymore his feelings and what he thinks. Your man is going to isolate himself from you and will refuse to let you enter in as he did before.

6. Your sex life keeps getting worse

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Even though sometimes it is normal if your partner is not so much into you for a short period because there are things that can affect his desire for sexual activity and not necessary that is because he doesn’t love your or he doesn’t want you, Just try to understand your partner and the feelings they have. But if this occurs too many times and without any reason or explanation from your partner may be a big problem because he is refusing you and being with you. Men are driven by sex and if he is not so much into you it means he is finding his sexual satisfaction somewhere else.

7. He is being secretive about what he does and where he goes

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Like being secretive with his phone and social media, he also will try to be not transparent about his whereabouts and whats he was doing through the day. This happens because he is afraid, to tell the truth, and he knows that you won’t like anything he may tell and find out what he is up to.

8. He starts fights always

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If he’s interested in another woman and doesn’t like to be any more in a relationship with you he will try to fight you all the time and take all of his frustration to you because he doesn’t care anymore and will fight you over the smallest things ever and cause you about anything bad that is going with the relationship, don’t fall for it because that’s his plan to make you feel so bad until you can’t take it anymore and quit, making you the one who left and the one who betrayed the relationship.

9. An yes sis, he’s going to smell like the woman he’s cheating you.

Your female instincts will not fail you because you now can smell it if your men start smelling like female perfume it’s because he was near them. If he spends too much time with other girls he will also get their accent with him. Start being suspicious if you start to smell other women on him.

Written by Strawberry

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  1. Mel, you sound retarded. Like you dealt with that for 20 years that’s kind of on you chika. Just saying. As for the author of this article littered with grammatical errors: you sound like you are just projecting your own insecurities and experiences on every other relationship/instance. None of this is actual good reasoning. As a man I am highly offended and tickled by this.

    • Well you’re most definitely wrong. My man got caught cheating more than once, and gaslights me everyday for it… Just because he’s physically here doesn’t mean shit if he’s distancing himself from me. Anyone with a brain can tell when their man isn’t being forthcoming about shit because energy doesn’t lie. He’s very secretive about everything, and mean as fuck acting like it’s a joke. But periodically when he knows I’m about to call it quits he acts superficial as fuck and I fall for it just for him to get distant again. So just because he is physically here doesn’t mean shit when he’s always on his phone, hiding his screen from me intentionally, and not saying a damn thing to me unless he’s yelling at me. So to be honest you must be the sad one because the person who wrote this is absolutely spot on. Everyone should know these signs because I’ve personally been through it

  2. Once a cheater always a cheater. I have a guy friend that’s been caught numerous times swears he won’t still does. He’ll my ex husband did to on and off for 20 yrs I dealt with it