Pregnant Animals Going Through Similar Human Situations

Pregnant animals carry their newborns mostly in their bodies. They go through pregnancy moods just like humans.

They might feel sleepy, tired, or even bored with the pregnancy. Some of these animals’ pregnancy lasts longer than humans. For example, a zebra’s pregnancy lasts 13 months! Imagine that…

Viral Strange has collected 17 pics of pregnant animals for you to enjoy!

1. This beautiful pregnant white tiger!

Safari Park 2018-119

2. A transparent pregnant frog.

© Unknown user / Reddit

3. I texted my 36-week pregnant wife to ask how she was feeling. This was the photo I got in response.

pregnant animals
© Unknown user / Imgur

4. A pregnant zebra

© ateart / Imgur

5. Portrait of a pregnant goat

pregnant animals
© babygoatsandfriends / Imgur

6. A pregnant sea horse

Sea Horse

7. A pregnant snake

Pregnant Garter Snake

8. This x-Ray of a pregnant turtle would make a killer album cover

9. More backyard whitetail deer from Texas.


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10. Pregnant Guinea Pig

© mykali98 / Imgur

11. Tired…

pregnant animals
© KoS / Wikimedia Commons, © CC BY-SA 3.0

12. Aren’t they cute?

© Dan Dan The Binary Man / Flickr, © Pascal Müller / Unsplash

13. 95-week pregnancy!


14. Pregnant pig

pregnant animals
© NatalyaA / Depositphotos

15. Agh… When you need to sit down!

pregnant animals
© ateart / Imgur

16. A beluga whale!

beluga whale

17. Walrus’ pregnancy lasts 600 days!

pregnant animals
© bublik_polina / Depositphotos, © erectus / Depositphotos

Which of these pics is the most amazing? Who is the cutest pregnant animal? Tell us in the comments below if you have witnessed any animal giving birth.

Written by Awat Dhahir

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