Did you know that a baby named Sol was born during the solar eclipse?

During Monday’s total solar eclipse, a mother from Texas welcomed a baby girl and named her Sol, which means “the sun” in Spanish.

Alicia Alvarez, 34, explained to “Good Morning America” that she had envisioned choosing a celestial name for her second child, inspired by naming her first child Luna, or “moon,” in Spanish.

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“I loved how the sun and the moon sounded together. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s [a] perfect name,'” she expressed. Alvarez recounted going into labor earlier than expected but didn’t anticipate delivering on Monday, ahead of her April 17 due date.

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

“My doctor had joked — Dr. [Carolyn] Kollar — she joked, ‘Oh, you’re gonna have this baby on the eclipse. So then you have your sun and the moon,'” Alvarez recalled.

At 1:04 p.m. on Monday, during the unfolding total solar eclipse over Mansfield, Texas, Alvarez and her husband Carlos Alvarez welcomed their second daughter, Sol Celeste Alvarez.

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

Big sister Luna Laura, 4, has already met her younger sister, and Alvarez mentioned that Sol is “doing great,” eating frequently and “smiling a lot.” Alvarez intends to share Sol’s unique birth story with her when she’s a little older.

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