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Don’t Overconsume These 8 Healthy Foods

A list of 8 healthy foods and an explanation of why you shouldn’t overconsume them and what happens when you do

There are a lot of diets suggesting that consuming one single product often can help your metabolism lose weight. We at Viral Strange will list 8 healthy foods that may cause health problems when overconsumed.

1. Carrots


Carrots contain the beta-carotene pigment, which our bodies turn into vitamin A. An excess amount of the vitamin may lead to carotenemia, a condition that gives a yellowish color to our skin.

2. Kombucha

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Kombucha is a Chinese drink that brings digestive benefits. On the other hand, if consumed in large amounts, it may cause bloating and stomach distress.

3. Water

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Yes, drinking too much water can lower the sodium level. In addition, some rare cases have been brought to attention when water accumulation in the brain has caused swelling and increased pressure in it.

4. Avocado

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This yummy and healthy food is full of fiber and vitamins. It also contains a lot of fats, and too many avocados can cause artery-clogging problems.

5. Beetroot

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It is suggested not to combine a high intake of beetroot and red meat since both contain nitrosamines, which can cause low-pressure blood issues.

6. Seaweed


Rich in vitamin B12, seaweed can help in weight loss. However, it contains iodine, and when consumed often, it can lead to thyroid problems.

7. Soy

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Soy and its derivatives are rich in many supplements. On the other hand, overconsuming soy products may interfere with hormone medications in female patients with hypothyroidism.

8. Chia Seeds

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There are a lot of discussions regarding the health benefits of chia seeds. However, it should be mentioned that the omega-3 in chia seeds is more difficult to be absorbed by our organism than the one found in salmon fish, for example.

So… What do you think? Is it OK to overconsume these foods in our daily life, or should we be aware of the risks?

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